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If the Dream Ended
Eternity terminated
Time to restart?
Dribbling lines
Of meaningless tripe
A swirling miasma
Of ill-meant speech
Everybody forgot
That time doesn't heal
It is merely a space
In which, maybe,
Healing may happen.
There is no end,
We merely commence
Dreaming of others,
Once again...
We repeat
We remember
We revolve, endlessly.
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 0
Existing Within Reason - c01
The self-claimed magus swung around, pivoting smoothly. He strode over to the ceiling-to-floor windows and stood there, motionless. Was he waiting for something?
Sweat beaded its way down my forehead and tickled my cheeks as it crawled its way past my chin line.
We weren’t bound or anything, but each time I had made any sort of motion to get up – such as putting my palms to the ground and pushing up – the strength would vanish from the offending limbs and I would come close to falling flat on the carpet. The knowledge that I couldn’t even get up seemed to add to the pressure of the situation, and my body reacted to this mental weight. Cowed head, slumped shoulders, difficulty breathing.
My two companions seemed to be faring no better than I.
One was in an even worse condition, slumped as he was against the wall, mouth and eyes vacantly wide. The tips of fingers quivered ever so gently, and was the only movement he exhibited save the gentle waving of his brown hair b
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Existing Within Reason - c00
"It would be a lie to say I have no interest in ordinary humans. To be more exact, I detest them. And so I kill."
Every single one of us had our eyes on the man in faded blue and green. He had crouched down so that he was eye-to-eye with us, the better to regard us with his paradoxically soothing eyes.
He told us his name was Ian.
He also told us he was a magus.
There exists two kinds of murders: those that were killed for a reason, and those that were killed for no reason. While the latter case is seemingly more tragic, the former is all the more dangerous for the species as a whole. Why do I believe that this is the case?
Those that kill for a reason have justified to themselves that there is something – some things? someone? – worth more than a life or, in some cases, lives. A life cannot be measured – no-one knows how long it will be, and no-one can return a life once it’s been given away. How, then, can someone kill for a reason?
To them – especially to
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 2
the slashing opera
we'll slice through anything
we'll even cut the sky
- maybe heaven will bleed down on us
and purify us, cleanse us of sin -
for we are the ones that commit sin
so that others won't have to
"God made you," is what they say
God made me a sinner, is the reply
so we'll lash out at everyone
and maybe we'll sever the chains
that bind us to this rotating existence
of eternal decadence, our reality
no freedom no dreams no life
existing to purify the world
to protect even if we are hated
to watch over even if we are feared
to guide even if we suspected
to love even if we are spurned
yesterday we saved your life
but you'll only remember the horror
of pooling blood, seeping into the carpet
of severed limbs, tossed carelessly about
and the carefully sculpted face we bore
so that you couldn't see our fear of you
tonight, grim steel held tightly
we watch... we wait... we fear...
watching her peaceful slumber
waiting for the inevitable conflict
fearing the unavoidable reaction
...we leap forward, and
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 1
Euphoria and the Paradox
"You, who was once Euphoria, bringer of mindless joy-"
All beings mature. As they age, their appearance changes, their tastes change, their motivations change... sometimes even their ideals change.
Spirits have no form to bind them (define them); the only way to observe their evolution is to...
"-of immeasurable ecstasy, have changed."
...monitor what they do, what they embody. Spirits are 'born' from the existence of an concept, but their own evolution into other concepts doesn't necessarily reflect the concept itself. There are countless spirits, and between them all and constant evolution - however minute - there is always one named Life; another, Desire; yet another, Gravity; and also one named Illness-That-Strikes-At-Inopportune-Times.
"What was once without thought, has become reflection."
Euphoria loved Paradox.
Euphoria was frivolous, constantly flitting from one thing to another. If something bored Euphoria, then Euphoria would move on to something more arousing.
In contrast,
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 1 7
Interrupting Sanity
A solitary girl, dressed in sombre colours.
Long fingers idly spinning a pen, striking the table.
She sighs, absent-mindedly flips her hair back over her shoulder.
The girl is waiting for someone, or perhaps something. Or nothing?
Frozen in place, fingers stilled, she watches somebody approach.
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 2 6
Chasing Perfection
Observing moments of perfection
-Such as the depthless grace
Evident in the crook of your elbow
Or perhaps your lilting voice
That carves a clear river
Across the cacophony of daily life
Finding peace in your strength
-Your unwavering independence
Threads its way into your actions
Or perhaps your amaranthine smile
That casts a crystal ray
Piercing the melancholy of daily life
Chasing impossible dreams
-Such as being worthy enough
To stand at Glory's side
Or perhaps of your prized trust
That falls like spring rain
Upon the deserts of daily life
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 0
The Beginning
The beginning is always
The most important bit
To learn of 'its' existance
Is the beginning
Of understanding 'it'
To have knowledge of something
Is the beginning
Of empathising with it
We go from being aware
To understanding
And then to empathy
Seeking knowledge
In order to understand
How something works
In order to control it
It's self-defence
"Know your enemy"
But in the end
We reach and understanding
We empathise
And we become more alike
Until the fear isn't there
A voracious appetite
For knowledge
"I want to know everything"
Hidden underneath that desire
Of wanting limitless knowledge:
"I want to understand everything"
No secrets anymore, ever again
Nobody can hurt you, not ever
"I want to... control everything"
Only the meanest amongst us all
Can afford to be nice
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 6
The Bel Demon
"I don't see why I need to be here."
A tsking noise coupled with strong fingers firmly grasping the recalcitrant shoulders, forcing him to stay still.
"Stop fidgeting."
"You didn't answer me," complained Bel in a petulant tone.
"You didn't ask a question," was the snarky reply.
"You could've just done a portrait from a photo. Or use that thing called your imagination - artists' impression, y'know?"
"And what good would that be? The Ladies want a portrait of you dressed like this, and they will have one. You owe them, after all."
Bel grumbled, the vibrations of his disgruntlement sending the 'feathers' of his draconic wings into a glimmering hum. Overhead, seven suns continued along their languid path, leaving behind trails of purifying star-dust.
Unlike the star-dust in the human world, these fine deposits soaked into everything, leaving behind no trace. It was anathema to demons, and served as a sort of protective deterrant.
The place where Bel was having his portrait taken, ho
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 1 17
Related Cold
It's been a cold Autumn
-An even colder Winter-
Nevertheless, Spring
Doesn't warm my skin
Doesn't fill my veins.
The drought of the sky
-A beautifully clear plane-
Doesn't reflect my self,
Both inside and out
Both the soul and body.
I spy a ghost of you
-My rippling reflection-
Hope rises, is crushed
My resemblance to you
My pain at my own face.
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 0
To the Winds
twisting and turning,
the endless spirals
carved into this earth
into our sky;
the chaotic paths twine about.
from my point of view
from your perspective
our own paths are orderly,
with purpose if not neat,
and we stride on
adding to the melting pot
of varying choices in our 'route'.
observing from outside
there is endless chaos
beautifully iridescent
like shattered crystals
but there is order
amongst the bedlam
just like there is kindness
in the darkest of times.
so while we walk
down the same route
let us be kind to each other
until the day we finally part
like the fireworks that climb
ever higher, eventually
scattering to the winds.
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 8
Blue Sky, Cracked Earth
bursting from its hiding place
the grasshopper pirouetted through
the slender legs of grass...
and suddenly emerged
onto a scorching plain
an endless crispy desert
that dry roasted
the bug even as it sat there
confounded, dumbfounded
how had it ended up here?
what devilry had spirited it
into a world so different
so unrecognisably unfamiliar
that it burned its brain
as its body was fried
by the everlasting
brilliance of
the magnifying glass
the eye of the storm
the pinhole focus
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 2
Paper Tux Linux - 2 of 2 by Ishita-Kanzar Paper Tux Linux - 2 of 2 :iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 9 Paper Tux Linux - 1 of 2 by Ishita-Kanzar Paper Tux Linux - 1 of 2 :iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 0
Witch in the Rain
the bird flutters
like a witch in the rain
but the bullet-like spears
of rain spinning down from
the concrete-steel roofed sky
pierce her-smash her-erase her
no matter how she dances
and pirouettes and flits
through the sodden
air - it's never
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 0 7
Raspberries and Cream
I dreamed of raspberries and cream
-real whipped cream, viscously solid
Believed the ice-cold tang of the fruit
-satisfying firmness, delicately rigid
Relished the ephemeral foamy cream
-one moment real, the next, vanished
I dreamed of crimson and white
-red like your lips, white like your skin
Tasted something I've never tried before
-dreamed for contact, a never-kiss
Admired the smooth endless planes
-one moment real, the next, vanished
:iconishita-kanzar:Ishita-Kanzar 1 1

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I came across what has to be my favourite web page of all time.

No, it's not a page about manga, or anime, or movies, or music... or anything like that at all!

It's about... well, how about you click the link and see for yourself? Here:…

It's definitely an amazing resource. :P And the rest of you should now realise that mochas, lattes, flat whites, cafe breves and cappuccinos all have the SAME amount of expresso in them. Or should. :P


Ishita Kanzar
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Cannot find the words I need to tell you
Cannot say the things locked in my head
I never used to fall in love so freely
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There's magic in the air
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It caught me unaware
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sspikerj5 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2009
Cannot find the words I need to tell you
Cannot say the things locked in my head
I never used to fall in love so freely
No I'd turn and run instead
There's magic in the air
And it won't go away
It caught me unaware
But I really wanna stay

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