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Jingle bells

(before you read, I apoligize for my poor english. If you see any mistake, please tell me.)

It's one of two stupid jokes I drew during Christmas hollidays.
I was a little bit disappointed after draw it, because the theme of the french version of this song is just completely different... I just had to write the text in english. Unluckie me XD.
And Zaraki taichou is just soooo hard to draw. So I guess he looks pretty strange TT__TT

Juste un gag idiot, qui date de mes vacances de Noël, et auquel j'ai pensé en jouant à me rappeler le plus possible de chansons de noël ou d'hiver.
C'était la première fois que je dessinais ces deux là, alors forcément ils ont l'air un peu bizarres... Surtout Zaraki. *a du mal à dessiner les hommes ET les gens maigres*
Enfin, il a fait sourire Oto, donc je n'ai pas TROP honte de le poster ici... XD
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Yachiru: The only person to make that joke and live to tell about it.
jajajaja wonder what will b next
renji the redhaired shinigami reinder
Like the joke in the manga and the anime
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Thanks for your comment.
I'm happy it made you laugh. And I love your idea : Renji the redhaired reinder would be soo funny. XD
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Thanks for the comment ^^
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Ouiii, il est drôle ce fanart! :heart:
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