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The last months were filled with bad news beginning with our trailer's canopy getting teared and its rod bent because of excess rain while not in a position to drain itself. This meana fee after passing it to insurances.
Then Dad had an abnormal PSA blood test result which lead to have a biipsy to his prostate which revealed that two samples out of them were cancerous.
This meaned Dad couldn't think about looking for a part-time job while Mom doesn't work many hours.
And the final bad news was this month when my parents' loan request in order to reunite debts in one place was declined. We can hardly do groceries and I have to lend a hand.

...But then some better news began to arrive.
Dad had an appointment with the urologist last Thursday about what was going to be done. The latest results showed no progression , and if the new blood test taken this week goes the same way, no treatment or surgery will be done since prostatic cancer is one type of cancer that has a very slow progression, and in some men, this can take years without progressing. And also because surgery has a lot of side-effects.
So unless contrary, Dad will return to urology in 3 months and he finally can think about a part-time job.

And yesterday it's my turn to have a ray of hope !  We had a Brunch&Blowling activity with a group of visually impaired people and my cooking teacher who was my former boss was there to serve the cold buffet.
While I was giving news about me such as the fact of having completely cut down added sugars and free sugar, she told me and my Mom that the seniors home where I used to work will finally expand this year and this will create new jobs, and she tought about me since the expansion will create a new kitchen division for pastry, and the person who'd work there would work alone, which means no crashing into someone else (this was my trouble spot). And this time my position wouldn't be an extra one that would be conditional to the amount of refund for hiring someone with disabilities. This means the new job which is planned with the expansion would be much more steady.
And as Mom told her that she doesn't work many hours, my teacher offered her to join as well.

Yep, there are good chances that my jobless time will end this late Spring ! And working with Mom to whom I'm very close ? It would be wonderful !
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