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Rules and Guidelines


  1. Before commissioning me, check the Commission Status Journal to see if there is any free slot for the desired work. If there is no free slot, wait until one becomes available.
  2. You must also make sure that you have enough money or points before commissioning me ! If you are not sure, use this price calculator I coded to help you calculating the price of your future commission.
  3. if you want to commission me and you made sure all requirements are met, I only accept notes, with a friendly greeting.
  4. Don't delete any note that's related to your commission until payment is done at the very end. This will help me keep track of the discussion related to your commission
  5. The commissions will be processed in order of date : The first to send me a commission that has the necessary infos will be the first to be processed. You can gently remind me if I seem to forget, but please, avoid harassing me ! If your reminders become abusive, your commission will be put at the end of the queue. If it happens again, you might be added in my blacklist!
  6. If your commission is declined, don't make drama about it, or else, you'll be added in my blacklist!
  7. If you want me do draw your OC/FC, please provide me a link to a colored and clean reference of your character you want me to draw, so I won't have to do some archeological research within your gallery. Firstly because I'm lazy and secondly, I often go to DA with the phone app, if a folder has dozens and dozens of deviations, not all of them will be displayed. It must also be on DeviantArt, so I can fav it in a specific folder for references.
  8. Once a commission is done, I'll tell you the price of it and you must pay in full before I deliver you the work. No refund accepted!
  9. I'm at an age when I can make some profit with commission, and considering that 100 points is worth one US dollar, this is little for a work that took me hours to make. If you find it high, look at this journal :…
  10. The rules may change if necessary, so if you want to be notified about any change, you will have to watch me, as I'll check the option to notify my watchers about any change.

Regular commissions

  1. For regular commissions, I accept Paypal, but I strongly recommand you to not add any mention of Deviantart in the notice, as Paypal doesn't really like it.
  2. The currencies accepted are CAD and USD. If you want to pay me in CAD, you must consider the current exchange rate in the calculation, and for this, you just need to type "usd cad exchange rate" on Google, then the first result will show you Google's built-in You simply round the result to the nearest cent (ex : 74.0 to 74.4 => 74 cents; 74.5 to 74.9 => 75 cents)

What I draw

  • Any Pokémon and Super Mario character that isn't too complex to draw
  • Your OC's/FC's/Sona
  • Humans, anthro animals, hybrids, cats
  • LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) characters and romance, as long as it isn't 18+
  • Mild bleeding (commissions must stay at most T-rated)

What I don't draw

  • Any NSFW/18+ material (includes fetish, gore, bodily fluids), oversized boobs/butts
  • Vore, big bellies, inflation. Even if I occasionnally draw stuff that's quite on the edge, I prefer to keep it for personal works only and I keep it mild, for I'm prone to panic attacks (even more during stressful events), and when it's too extreme (especially extreme vore), this may trigger panic attacks to me and it really sucks when I'm feeling this way, so I prefer to avoid putting a foot to this slippery area. Plus, I usually show off my work on FB where people are mostly not « weirdness-savvy ».
  • Any hateful material
  • Heavily complex characters and mecha (this point may change in the future)

Types of work


Done on paper only
  • no background : 200pts/$2 USD
  • Simple background : 400pts/$4 USD
  • Smoothed shading : add 300pts/$3 USD
  • 200pts/$2 USD per character
Examples : 31 - Dragon by Ishimaru-Chiaki 20 - Needle by Ishimaru-Chiaki 01- Pumpkin by Ishimaru-Chiaki


Done with Gimp or Krita, freehanded or with Path tool
  • no background : 300pts/$3 USD
  • with background : 600pts/$6 USD
  • 300pts/$3 USD per character
Examples : [DL available]Flutter Jumping Yoshi Lineart by Ishimaru-Chiaki [DL available][Lineart] I Luv Yoshi T-shirt design by Ishimaru-Chiaki

Traditional Colored

Lined and shaded, colored with Canadiana colored pencils
  • No/Flat background : 200pts/$2 USD
  • Simple background : 400pts/$4 USD
  • Complex background : 600pts/$6 USD
  • 200pts/$2 USD per character
Examples : Many PoGo rookies went thru this (Better quality) by Ishimaru-Chiaki 007- Squirtle by Ishimaru-Chiaki Life with Cats - Double Trouble by Ishimaru-Chiaki

Colored and Lineless

comes with smooth shading, done with Gimp, Krita or Colors3D
  • No/Flat background : 500pts/$5 USD
  • Simple background : 800pts/$8 USD
  • Complex background : 1200pts/$12 USD
  • 600pts/$6 USD per character
Examples : 25 years of Awesomeness ! by Ishimaru-Chiaki Wait for meeee !!! by Ishimaru-Chiaki Happy Birthday Cynthia-chan ! by Ishimaru-Chiaki

Colored with outlines

Done on Gimp, Krita or Colors3D
  • No/Flat background : 800pts/$8 USD
  • Simple background : 1200pts/$12 USD
  • Complex background : 2000pts/$20 USD
  • With flat shading : add 500pts/$5 USD
  • With smoothed shading : add 800pts/$8 USD
  • 1000pts/$10 USD per character
Examples : Don't leave cinnamon unwatched when Cinn's around! by Ishimaru-Chiaki [MCGoldYoshi's Contest Entry] Shelly's Cookie by Ishimaru-Chiaki EndlessZeste Chapter 5 Illustration by Ishimaru-Chiaki
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January 21, 2016