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[Commish for cousin's son] Edward the Blue Engine by Ishimaru-Chiaki [Commish for cousin's son] Edward the Blue Engine by Ishimaru-Chiaki
It began with a commission asked by my aunt a few months ago. Her two granddaughters already have their custom counter seat (ine painted by Mom, the other painted by my godmother) but their little brother had yet to have his own.

Since the little boy is a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine kids show and wears the same name as one of the trains, my aunt commissioned me to paint Edward the Blue Engine on the seat destined to him. As the seat was finally delivered yesterday, resulting in a very happy little kid, I now can reveal it.

It was the first time I actually did a project on wood instead of canvas and also the first time I do such a complex character. I had to begin by drawing the lines on computer, then print it so I can transfert them using tracing paper and carbon paper.
As the ref pic was lacking a little bit of quality, I couldn't draw the wagon wheels part so I added a fruit bearing tree to hide that part.

The rest of the seat was painted with the train's main colors.

The right pic was taken in my room just after the last brush stroke on the image part, and the left pic was taken at my aunt's house yesterday.

Medium : Acrylic (Pebeo and System3)
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December 31, 2017
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