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My Bio

I'm a 37 years old woman and I live in Québec. I am currently jobless. My mother tongue is French, but I'm quite fluent in English too.

I live with low vision, even thought I have enough vision to draw. I also live with dysphasia anxiety disorders and possibly ADD and/or ASD.

My interests are quite geeky : I'm a GIMP user since 2006 and I mostly use open source softwares.

I used Linux for seven years on my previous PC and now I have an Alienware laptop running Windows 7. Even thought I'm not a power-gamer, I enjoy playing RPGs such as the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokémon and I'm a big fan of Yoshi since his debut (even though I suck at platform games ). I also like Japanese culture (anime, manga, jpop) and reading fantasy novels. I'm also a crazy cat lover (nyaaaa ! <3)

In the past, I was a moderator on Forumotion support forum from 2005 to 2007. I made styles for Forumotion and phpBB and I'm now a retiree from these.

I bought a graphic tablet on November 2014 and I can say that my current level is Intermediate. For traditional art, I have a drawing pencils set Mom bought me and I kept my old colored pencils. I also have watercolor pencils.

For less than one year now, I'm quite active in Pokémon communities since I started playing Pokémon Shield and I rediscovered Gardevoir during my gameplay and realized how much I always had a soft spot for this beautiful and elegant Pokémon, as I remember how much I was happy to have hatched a high IV female Shiny Ralts in Pokémon Go and was eager to evolve her during the December Community Day of 2019 to make her learn the exclusive move.

I am moderator on a French Discord that is nearing 800 members where I am a Fairy-type Elite Four and Shiny Raid Host. I consider myself as middle-level competitive player as I still have a lot to learn. So far, I did three seasons of Clash of Types (Singles 6v6 tournament where each player has a different type for their team), one season of draft league VGC, and I'm currently on my second season of Singles draft league and my first season of Way of Power (Doubles 6v6 version of CoT). So far, I'm more at ease with monotypes and the ones I'm the most at ease are Fairy and Normal, the latter being my current WOP team mono and my latest CoT mono team which brought me to top 8, and maybe further as the playoffs has just begun.

I'm also a proud cat mom of a house panther named Luna that I adopted in 2016 as a kitten in a shelter. She immediatly started purring the first time she was on me ! She's such a happy-go-lucky and laid-back little girl who doeesn't mind having her nails clipped or being pilled, and thanks heavens for this trait of purrsonality, as she's medicated for arthritis !

I now take commissions. Please read these two following journal entries before commissionning me :

Commission Info and Guidelines

Commission Status

I do not take request or art trade.

Saturday morning, thr phone rings and my parents answer it. Then sokn after, Dad comes to my room to announce a bad news : One of my cousins took away his own life the day before, at age 44. Whatever the bond you had with someone of your family was strong or inexistant, it still hits like a truck when death cause is suicide. I wasn't fond of him at all, as I recall him taunting me 10 years sgo by flushing a clogged toilet in front of me while I have a phobia of it, making me get close to a panic attack ! Since that day, I made sure there was a plunger on hsnd if I hVe to go and I know he's here. Yes I was still mad at him. He was the hyperact
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Currently working on digitalization of my "Schala is SAVAGE towards Cecil" comic. The longest task is the lineart cuz man those curves you don't want while tracing your lines. And some details were off as well, so I had to do a lot of correction. So ...
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The last year, I began playing competitive in Pokémon Sword/Shield by participating in various tournaments such as draft leagues and monotype tournaments. The first tournament I participated it is called The Clash of Types and it consists of a Singles 6v6 format monotype tournament where each of the 18 players had to choose a type. Once a type was taken, it couldn't be taken again. And the draft order was determined by first those who didn't make it to playoffs in previous seasons and newcomers, then by top 8 depending of their ranking, with the champion at the very end. This tournament is now finishing its third season. While in the first two I didn't make it to top 8, with Flying type in season 1 and Fairy type in season 2, this time I made it to top 8 with Normal type, finishing 6th in the rankings ! Experience is kicking in, and I'm glad about how I play my team ! We're currently in first round of playoffs and I face the one with Psychic team. Last time I battled him, I
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hello awesome artwork gallery btw is the request open?

Thanks for the favorite!

you're welcome ! Black kitties are among my favourites since I adopted Luna 6 years ago.

Hi! Thank you :D!

ce n'est que dernièrement que j'ai vu que t'as un deviantart.

Ah tu es québécoise :O!? Nice haha! C'est rare sur ce site là que j'en croise... Me connaissais-tu déjà ? Cool tes arts en passant :)