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Ghost Rider 2

So the new Ghost Rider Movie comes out tomorrow and I am utterly excited! It's GHOST RIDER...
Ghost Rider....Fucking...GHOST RIDER!
I can't wait!
Bonehead vs Blackout!
Big screen action, hell fire, roaring demon voices and of course the bad ass Penance Stare
There is nothing more satisfying than watching evil kill evil!
Hell yeah! Suck it bad guys! You fucking suck! :icondealwithitplz:
It's a guilty pleasure all right!
Enough Fan boy gushing though...

I've wanted to get this off mah chest for sometime now! I realize the first movie wasn't great X3 It's actually hailed as the "worst" Marvel movie! Though I think we can all agree that "Daredevil" holds that crown proudly!
But, I still enjoyed Ghost well as Daredevil! Both movies were campy and fun!
I think that some of you people have these ridiculously high fucking standards now-a-days with your movies and your actors and that you expect some mind-blowing thriller every time you go see a movie!
I pity anyone who can't suspend their brain for an hour or so and simply let their imagination go! Enjoying a movie is just that, be it good or bad! Instead, we have to sit here and complain about these off and on details, good or bad actors...inaccuracies here and there...etc.
I acknowledge that the movie is CLUMSY,CHEESY AND DATED but those qualities don't ruin it for me! I still get to see Ghost Rider dish out a murderous justice and that's why you went in the first place, right? I mean it's a SUPERHERO MOVIE! It's already silly, no matter what your mind set is! lol

I don't see a problem with Nicholas Cage...Sure he's a crazeh actor but at least he's taking care of the G.Rider roll as well as Mr.Blaze...He even committed to returning to the roll of the character for the upcoming sequel and I think that's pretty cool unlike some of us >3>...
MR.TOBY MCGUIRE ...:iconwthplz: Regardless, I'm sorry if you don't enjoy or can't stand his acting :/
If you can manage to look past such things then maybe you can enjoy the movie a lil more? O3O I just finished watching the first movie on DVD and I was trying to find flaws in his performance or look for something to mock. Even trying to force it, I just didn't see anything wrong. *shrugs*
I'm not defending the dude... just sayn' ouo


There are as many opinions as there are people on this Earth, mine is just one little one. :]
Keep that in mind and keep an open mind :heart:

Ghost Rider owns Dante -coming soon. :iconredskulltrollfaceplz:
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*u* cant wait for it!!



:iconufufuplz: *slaps ishi for talking about owning dante*
*then snuggles*
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did you see it yet?

QuQ :heart:

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on the contrary I love Nick Cage's acting. You just have to know how to read him. A good reference guide to the many moods of Nicolas Cage was done by the Cinema Snob [link]
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Correct! I...Well in people's defense, whatever annoys you just annoys you! ouo
So...I know it can't be helped and I am not holding that against anyone...I'm just saying...
It's a superhero movie...that is why you're going! Enjoy what you're given and be thankful there was even a Ghost Rider movie in the first place!
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So.... we need to go see this. Tomorrow. :I
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If anyone wants to hate on Ghost Rider, then they can take it up with Mr. Full Armor ZZ Gundam. B-)
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He will destroy all with extreme prejudice!
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