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Dont think too much bout the screenshot! did'nt get time to make a nice one.

So......finally i managed 15 presets(including intro) for this pack.......probably my last one. i dont hope so ;)
I have to appear for my BIG exams soon so i though it would be better to realease whatever bit i've made before i run the study marathon.
all I'll say is that dont go too much on the technical side of this pack(coz there is'nt any :p) but yeah i do hope you like it. atleast i hope you all dont hate it :)

Enjoy if you can! :D
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is that preset called alpha grid power mix or is it the power mix of alpha grid ? just wondering, cause we put our hands on it and want to name it properly!
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um... you want to use that preset?

Its actually the power mix of alpha grid its a remix of a preset i never released.
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nice pack

the 3d is nice, especially blunder with the rings
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cool. thanks:)
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my fav from that pack is "Tricuspit"
and no matter what you say, this doesnt look like degnic but it looks very cool :)
2nd fav is "Simplicity Again". Nice, original use of a kaleidoscope

(uhm... "FIRST!")
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meh. seems like i got it all wrong in the comments. :p but then thats how i felt it looked like :)
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