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of strange meetings. ( college!au ) | keith
“dude, two o’clock.”
lance is really bad at whispering; keith has learned that in their few years of friendship. nearby classmates send death glares their way-- something that seems to happen more often than it should, now that he thinks about it. but lance just ignores them all, nudging his friend persistently until he loses focus of what the professor is saying.
he stops typing his notes, then glances at the clock.
“it’s not even close to two. it’s eleven. maybe you should go back to elementary school and learn how to read time.”
stupid keith and his deadpan responses.
he elbows him harder.
“do you ever take a hint? two o’ clock.”
normally, keith disregards everything lance says or does, especially during class. but lance has freakishly sharp elbows.
“stop it.” he retorts, slapping the other’s arm away. “and what’s supposed to happen at two? did you finally manage to get that girl to go o
:iconciiren:ciiren 218 29
Slippery When Wet. Keith X Reader.
     “This is going to be so nice. I wish someone would have told me there was a pool in this castle sooner.” Already smiling at the thought of submerging yourself in the cool, lazy water, you quickly grabbed a towel and headed towards the elevator. Once inside, you pressed the button Coran said was supposed to take you to the correct floor and waited for the doors to close. A split second later, they reopened to a large, crystal clear pool. The sight made your jaw drop. You had been expecting something small. Something just large enough to soak in, like an over sized bathtub, not this. The longer you looked at it, the harder it was to believe that something so large had remained hidden from you for so long. “This is going to be amazing.” Before you could even remove your towel, you saw Keith walking into the pool from the other side of the room. Though his presence did make you a little nervous, it wasn't going to stop you from having fun.
The se
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 110 7
Quiet Tension. Keith x Reader
     Snacking away on some left over cookies, while looking for something to actually eat, you let out a sigh. “There's nothing but goo to eat around here. And goo is only good for so long before it gets bland.” Tired, as it was the middle of the night, as far as you could tell, you grabbed several more cookies and closed the cabinet door. When you closed the cabinet door, however, you were face to face with a hooded figure. Half asleep and half scared to death, you opened your mouth to scream, but never got the chance. Before you could even make a sound, the figure had pulled you close and covered your mouth. “Shh, be quiet.” Holding you far too tightly, a familiar voice hushed you. “Do you know what time it is?”
“K-Keith?” Heart pounding in your chest, your voice cracked and squeaked as you spoke. “What are you doing up so late?” Now sure it was him, even though you still hadn't seen his face, you could feel t
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 90 5
It's About Time. Keith x Reader
       What was supposed to be a short trip to the stockroom with Keith had quickly turned into quite the ordeal. Some sort of malfunction with the door lock had left the two of you trapped inside with no way out. It hadn't been all that long, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, but Keith's sighs and groans made it clear that he was already fed up with the situation. Honestly, he was probably more fed up with the awkwardness of the situation than he was being locked in a room with no way out. Peeking around his shoulder at the small mechanical panel, you tried to send what the problem might be. Unfortunately, you couldn't see anything, as his hands were in the way. "Any luck yet?"
"If I was having any luck, we wouldn't still be stuck in here, now would we?" An agitated, yet adorably focused look on his face, Keith's eyes narrowed on the many wires within the panel.
"There's no need to get snippy. I'm just asking." Even though you couldn't see what was going on, you had a
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 95 6
Supervision. Keith x Reader
       “You're still working on that? You've been in here for like an hour now.” Having only just entered the hangar, Keith wasted no time marching right up to you. Judging by how loud his footsteps were, he wasn't in the best of moods. His tone, as always, was more than a little snippy, making you feel slightly on edge to have him around. His next question didn't help that feeling any either. “Are you sure you know what you're doing down there?”
Nodding, even though you knew he couldn't see you, you tried to assure Keith that you had everything under control. After all, this wasn't the first time you'd fixed something like an escape pod. You'd don't so plenty of times, more times than you could count actually. Not only that, but you had repaired, and built things much more advanced than this. This was a walk in the park as far as you were concerned. “Mhm, I'm sure.”
“That doesn't look right to me.” Standing so close y
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 122 6
What If? || Keith x Reader
Keith was fluffy.
Keith... was fluffy.
Keith was part Galra? You made a soft noise in the back of your throat, and he looked up with startled yellow eyes. The mullet haired teen rose to his feet, backing away from you and holding his hands up. "You... I mean, it's not-!"
"Keith, I..." you took a hesitant step forward and he backed up again. Maybe he was scared of how you'd react? "It's okay, really.You'e still-"
"What if I hurt you?" you stopped in confusion. Your hand dropped to your side and you watched him kick his bayard towards you. "I'm not fit- I can't be a part of Voltron. I'm going to leave," he stated, his voice small as his purple tinged features melted back to his pale skin and violet eyes. His fluffy ears vanished and a small part of you felt disappointed.
"Keith, come on." you continued towards him, watching his terrified eyes widen when he realized he was backed into a corner. You set a hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat stutter. You wished he would raise hi
:iconprussianbabi:PrussianBabi 201 12
warm blue. [Lance x Reader]
“Yeah, baby?”
“Can you please let go of your hands from my bottom?”
“Hmm…I don’t know. I like touching your butt.”
Lance gave a smirk as he cuddled closer. You yelped when you felt his hands squeezing your bottom gently, you blushes harder than before as you tried to push Lance’s arms away. “Lance, stop!”
Lance chuckled right on your ear, which caused shiver to run down your spine. He let go of his hands from your bottom and put them around your waist, wrapping you in his arms. “You’re too cute.”
“And you’re such a tease.” You retorted before sighing, sinking yourself in his embrace. “Why do you always tease me, Lance? It’s like you want to see me suffer.”
Lance placed his hands right on your face before he leaned down to give you pecks on your soft lips, which startled you. “You’re adorable, did you know?”
:iconlittlemissjambu:LittleMissJambu 47 1
|AU| rest. [Keith x Reader]
University is hard.
You knew from long time ago that university life is hard but you realized how hard it was when you became a university student.
There were constant times when you feel like you wanted to sleep everything off because it was overwhelming on how you had to deal with everything. It was your first time studying abroad in a foreign country and you had so much to study and adapt, so it wasn’t easy for you to handle things fairly.
Sometimes all you want to do is to take a break and make time for yourself. And that time is now.
You were currently in the campus library, reading and writing some materials for your papers when you felt the constant numbing feeling in your head that you stopped writing and laid your head on your books. Everything was so painful that you couldn’t believe yourself that you were tired of studying. You shook the thought of it, studying was your priority and you shouldn’t be complaining about it.
But you were so tired. You want to s
:iconlittlemissjambu:LittleMissJambu 64 4
Noticed [Keith x Reader]
She had no idea why she decided to fall for him, but she guessed the sayings were right that when you fall in love with someone, you have no idea what you had to do. The thing is really simple when it is thought over but when you actually do it, things don’t go as you planned so which is the situation she is facing right now. Just then, in the academy she was being partnered up as co-pilot for the simulation flight project with Keith and oh boy she had no idea that she would feel these flustered when seeing him up close and sat right next to him in the cockpit – it almost felt surreal.
Keith had no idea. Of course, being the serious hard worker he is, he focuses on the job and his priorities and she already could guess that ‘relationships’ are not in any of his list but who is she to judge another person anyway. She tried to shrug of her nervousness and the weariness of her own feelings in her chest that seemed sort of wrong to ignore them. Weren’t these t
:iconlittlemissjambu:LittleMissJambu 128 6
Keith x Reader - Violet (Soulmate!AU)
*Soulmate!AU where you can't see the color of your soulmate's eyes until your eyes meet*
        "What the hell does purple look like?!"  Everyone looked up at you.  You were at your cousin's wedding reception, and everyone was talking about what a pretty purple the bridesmaid's dresses were.  You had thought that, for some reason, they were all in gray, which was really weird for a wedding, but your cousin always had been excentric.
        "Oh,you were gone from school when they explained it, weren't you?"  You mom realized that she had taken you to some funeral when they talked to the students about soulmates.
        "Explained what?"  You were a bit agitated, as you had heard of the color purple before, when you were younger and were learning colors in the first place, but you never understood why you needed a name for another shade
:iconmelynie:Melynie 186 20
Galra!Keith x Reader - Forgiven
        “Get your butt over here, mullet!”  You were on your couch under three blankets with an anime game paused on your screen.  The reason for the blankets was the unusually cold December weather - and your heater had broken the day before.  That's also why you called your boyfriend over; he was a living heater and you wanted to cuddle with him while playing video games or binging Netflix.
        Keith scowled.  “Only Lance calls me that.”  He was getting under the covers regardless and you giggled.  
        “What, is he your boyfriend~?”  You loved poking fun because Keith was adorable when he blushed.  When you found out, you had deemed it your life mission to see his red face as often as he could.  
        “W-what?  I'm no cheate
:iconmelynie:Melynie 176 25
Misunderstanding [Vampire!Keith Kogane x Reader]
Sunlight slipped through the cracks of the bedroom curtains, rudely waking Keith from his slumber. He covers his eyes with the arm that was previously wrapped around your waist. Figuring that there was no going back to sleep, he settled for admiring you in your sleep instead.
His finger grazed against your cheek, brushing strands of hair out of your mouth that was squished. A slight chuckle rose in his chest and he stole a peck. You stirred in his arms and your eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the half naked view in front of you. Lazily smiling at him, you grumbled a morning and yawned.
Both of you had the day off and you wanted nothing more than to relax and freshen up the apartment a little. As you prepared breakfast, Keith was washing up in the bathroom. This lifestyle was so peaceful and normal you wouldn't expect there to be a vampire living among people. But here Keith was, living as a human to keep his identity a secret. With each passing day, he feels more guilty hiding it fro
:iconmerrymeru:MerryMeru 26 3
Coffee Shop Dreams // Lance x Reader
Venti decaf latte, triple shot
You look like an absolute angel. A sleep deprived, overworked, caffeine addicted angel, but an angel nevertheless. Maybe it was something about how the sunlight streaming through the blinded windows brought out the lustrous glow of your hair and the twinkle in your eyes. Or how cute you looked with your face all scrunched up trying to read the tiny print of your textbook.
    But Lance knew that he was in love and Keith made it a point to remind his friend that he falls in love like three times a week. To which Lance replies by shoving his elbow into his friend’s ribcage without taking his eyes off you.
    “Watch me work my magic,” he whispers to Keith who’s rubbing his sore ribs.
    “Don’t embarrass yourself, again.”
    Lance just sticks his tongue out at Keith and walks towards you.
    You look u
:iconbookerror:bookerror 168 15
frisson | lance
lance x clumsy!gn!reader
warning: profanity
pick me up, pull me close, be my man
Though he'd never admit it, Lance is fucking whipped.
There isn't a day that passes by when he doesn't think about you, mainly because you keep crashing into his life.
Literally (and figuratively, but he'd never say that out loud).
At first he thought you were trying to hit on him, because it seemed like you fell down or dropped something every time he so much as looked in your direction.
It irritated him at first, constantly having to help you up or pick up what you'd dropped, but it soon becomes as much a staple of his lifestyle in the castle as walking in on Hunk stuffing his face or Coran yammering everyone's ears off.
He thinks you're kind of cute, in a mousy sort of way, and he slowly discovers that he doesn't actually mind helping you out if it means he can make you laugh a little longer or keep talking to you about nothing.
So yeah, he does get a little bit jealous when you fall in f
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 164 8
reticence. lance x mute!agender!reader
BluePaladin: boom shaka laka
You scrunched up your nose as you stared at your computer screen in disgust -- or, well, a much milder version of it, since you actually thought quite fondly of BluePaladin. You had gotten Voltron: Legendary Defenders as soon as it came out, thanks to the promise you made with your parents that if you made some friends at school this semester, they’d buy it for you when it came out. Now, with your new (and only) friends -- Pidge and Hunk, respectively -- at your side, you were all ready to team up and kick alien ass.
“Gee Hunk, what’s taking you?” Pidge asked as they rolled onto their back, having made themselves comfortable on your bed. You sat at your desk, your laptop set up before you, the game already loaded. Pidge was waiting for Hunk, though, whose bulky laptop was still turning on.
“Cut me some slack, this is an old model,” he complained as he lightly tapped the machine, as if it would help. “I
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 228 25
Voltron: Lance McClain x Reader ~Not That Bad~
You collapsed onto the couch in the common room, breathing heavily. That training bot sure was a workout. Your black spandex shorts proved fruitless, as you felt as though your legs were on fire. Your torso, however, was rather comfortable, so the long sleeve (f/c) shirt wasn't a bother. You threw an arm over your somewhat sweaty forehead, wiping away the small bits of moisture that had gathered there. Looking up to the ceiling, you were startled to find a pair of blue eyes staring down into your (e/c) ones. "JEEZ! LANCE!" The blue paladin chuckled and walked to the other end of the couch, lifting your legs and plopping himself down onto the somewhat large couch, draping your legs back over his lap. "Training tough today, eh?" You nodded. Lance and the rest of the crew were out practicing with their lions. As you weren't a paladin, you mostly trained in combat for an extra muscle. The blue lion, Lance's lion, had, for some reason, taken quite the liking to you, as you usually joined La
:iconanime-loving-artist:anime-loving-artist 65 3


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