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Tim Minchin on Gallifrey

It's becoming silly how much i'm enjoying making these X) Third effort for Time Lord Tim Minchin, the ginger Doctor, this time on Gallifrey!
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I randomly came across this while searching Gallifrey things to draw, made me lol so hard. Great work mate! 
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Yes, he's finally a ginger! Tim Minchin would make the best doctor (not including David Tenant, that man can't be beat!)
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That's a silly way to spell Tom Baker.
daedric-darling's avatar
Okay Tom Baker was the best from the original series, David Tennant was the best from the revised series...

... until we see how Capaldi takes to the new role~ ;u;
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David's more so a 3rd place IMHO. His Doctor was okay, but the writing, and the way his doctor was executed during his era, along with all the rabid fangirls, it brings him a little behind.
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It's always the rabid fangirls...
I'm a fan of his work, not just his portrayal of the Doctor, but at least I'm not the sort to sell a limb for a vial of his sweat like half of the crazy fangirls would.
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That is now the best quote in the universe. 11/10
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I hope he'd be a better doctor than the one we have now.
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Really really awesome :D
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just realised you made these for the group- ignore me! really love these though... more? :P
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you are a genius!! are you on facebook? if you are, are you in the "Tim minchin for the next doctor" group coz we would really appreciate these pics to contribute to the group :) xx
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Tim as the Doctor would be so fucking rock! I'm rooting for him to FINALLY get to be a ginger... the doctor should always get what he wants. =_= Really, really good photo manip. You've got some epic skill!
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A ginger on the ginger coloured planet of Gallifrey. How very suitable. Maybe it's the reason why the Doctor waants to be Ginger.
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I love this series!
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Tim can't die unless its violent. And noone wanna fuck with him. Everyone knows he cut off his doctors feet :')
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I love Doctor Who and Tim Minchin, this is great =]
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Brilliant! He'd have to get in touch with his dark side to pull off the Doctor though... :D
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It's brilliant, I love it :D
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If the Doctor ever finally gets to be ginger, they'd better cast Tim :D
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The g*nge is PERFECT for that background!
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haha ya XD Oh, Tim as a Time Lord, would that my dream could come true! :D
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