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Tim Minchin Time Lord

By Isensmith
My second attempt at some fun for the facebook group created to support Tim Minchin for 12th Doc :)
Tim as the Doctor would be awesome X) and for some reason i think his color would be deep purple (offsets the ginger well...)
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GnaeusEsclavus's avatar
C'mon at least Tim as 13th...
roxersboxers's avatar
I would fully support time as a time lord!
...oooh yeah :D but why is he wearing shoes? O.o
CatNicolette's avatar
That would be freaking amazing! 
I can imagine him and Donna. Nothing would EVER get done, there would be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much comedy and sass <3 (first comment & proud).
Junior-Maxxi's avatar
Tim for 12th Doctor - YES! Oh wow you are now officially the most amazing person in this universe!
LaLaLaNiceLady's avatar
xx-Turtle-chan-xx's avatar
My day is complete!!:squee:
This made my day. Kudos!
The-Crimson-Angel's avatar
:') You don't know how grateful I am for this artwork xD
stormie6's avatar
So true!
This must happen.
He could go back in time and see Tony XD
Elsie-Black's avatar
Tomora's avatar
I think I just died a little... OF PURE AWESOME
Sparks-the-Wolf's avatar
That would be an absolutely amazing development.
stripes-of-lightning's avatar
This is the single-most greatest thing I will ever see in my life.
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ParanoidSpy's avatar
Oh, that would be so sweet.
DalekMercy's avatar
Tim Minchin must be the 12th Doctor! He is perfection!
RainbowPegasis's avatar
Only a ginger, can call another ginger ginger ~ Love that song CX
YNot1989's avatar
Well either him or Rupert Grint (since it has to be a ginger)
YNot1989's avatar
That's it I'm on board, what's the group called?
MooglePirate9's avatar
he'd be the best doctor ever :)
Zed-with-Fangs's avatar
i can have a dark side if you want me to...this would be awesome a singing doctor
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