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Tim Minchin, Jedi

Made this tonight as i was bored and wanted a break from the other photomanip im doing (that's turning out to be really hard X[ )
Tim Minchin - Jedi! his lightsaber is ginger colored of course ;)
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*dances around in circles* this is awesome!! XD
kitami-philpy's avatar
BAHAHAHA love this one =D
Isensmith's avatar
makes me laugh too XD i like to make the Tim photomanips a bit funny
kitami-philpy's avatar
well he is a funny guy =D
ebethman's avatar
I didn't know Tim could be more awsome!!!
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kelly42fox's avatar
OMG I love this series. It makes me giggle!!
Isensmith's avatar
you mean my Tim photomanip series? hadn't thought of it as a 'series' but i guess it is :D
thanks! it makes me giggle too. you a Tim fan?
kelly42fox's avatar
I can't say that I am... but I know some of his work... the stuff that airs on cartoon network. hehe.
Isensmith's avatar
o_O cartoon network? really? what of his stuff do they show? (haven't had cable in yeeeeaaarrs)
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I think it was Cartoon Network Adult Swim... Anyway, Buzzcocks... aired with Mighty Boosh... My brother loves it and him...
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oh ya i forgot that adult swim was showing the boosh. they show buzzcocks too? how strange. Tim's been on buzzcocks three times so i guess that makes sense :) i'm really hoping comedy central or HBO will do a one hour special of his comedy or something, that would be wicked.
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MAS OMFG so good:bow:
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haha thanks!! X] still want to do a higher resolution one but i can't find a better quality image of tim on that piano
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