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It's a Metaphor

Inspired by the comedy (and wisdom) of Tim Minchin!

"Maybe it's going to be something small like a seed. You know what i mean? like uh... um uh... peace seed. Like a seed of peace that would be planted... in the region like... um somewhere with... rich... you know "soil"? I know next to nothing about metaphorical horticulture but i guess you just whack it in there and hope that it grows up into like a bush or better like a tree with wide... wide ranging branches... with some... peace leaves i guess. Something that would shade... or that would bare um fruit.
The fruit of peace like um like a peace of fruit."

Much love and thanks to Tim for sharing his creativity and inspiring creativity alike!
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Haha I loved that bit! Woah that's really good!
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great idea you have there! thank you so much! :love:
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I've been looking all over the internet for some sort of art to hang up in my room. I found several, but constantly told myself "It's not worth the money, stop spending your paychecks on shit you don't need."

I saw this, completely ignored that inner voice telling me not to blow all the money I don't have, and immediately bought it. I freaking LOVE it. I shall be hanging it on my wall as soon as I get the print :)

Thank you kindly for being so amazing and enabling my art spree.
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wow!! you are so very very welcome! i'm touched you like it so much (i'm quite fond :D) could i ask you a totally selfish favor? might you be able to take a little snapshot of it on your wall when you get it? i've never had art in anyone's home (who's not directly related to me) that would really make my year!
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of course!! I'll post it as soon as I get it in the mail! I'll be waiting anxiously everytime the mail man comes by XD
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This is a really sweet piece, and I love that quote!
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thanks so much! when i heard this bit on the So F**king Rock DVD i nearly lost a limb from laughing at the punchline. it neeeeded some art! Tim gave his permission for me to sell this on a shirt as well if you're interested
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I'd love to have a shirt with this on it, but I don't have any money, I'm afraid. :[
But I'm sure you'd still get some buyers if you made it a shirt. ^^
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