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Ischarm Pen Brushes

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Published: August 28, 2005
© 2005 - 2020 ischarm
A set of 7 pen brushes...

Resource: [link]

Enjoy! :)
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Subtle-WarHobbyist Digital Artist
will be using. If that's ok? They are lovely! Will credit when used
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They're beautiful!!!!!! I hope you don't mind... I used them here:…
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these are Wet brushes creative no pens here
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Awesome! Thanks!
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MMKIllustratorStudent General Artist
Cool ! THks !
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Bloom450Student General Artist
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TaliaLefProfessional General Artist
Ooo great, I'll use this on my button for my pen and ink drawings. Thanks
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It looks really cool and realistic

I will use this in a new project on the
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JezirahProfessional Traditional Artist
they're beautiful, thanx so much!
could you tell me the terms of use?
am i allowed to use them commercially
on myspace? cause there's no chance to credit you...

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oo they look very pretty from what I can see these will prove to be useful to me in the future
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Awesome brushes! :wow:
Used one of them here [link]
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PaperPileProfessional General Artist
i have used one of them for my new Auther Tag!

thanx for sharing! :wave:
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u are one of my fave artists, I absolutely love ur brushes...thank u so much.
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damn girl, is there anything you can't do?
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ischarmHobbyist Photographer
Uhm, yes I'm sure there is... :giggle: I can't design websites, well I can design them but can't put it together on the web :laughing:
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Oooh, i am sure if we gave you a month or two, you could do it.. you just need a good program like Adobe Golive, or Macromedia Dreamweaver.. then draw it in photoshop, slice it, export to Adobe Golive, modify like a text document in Word, and tada, you have a website.. [link] did that in photoshop/golive, and a little help with Microsoft Notepad for the javascript.. and [link] was "Started" but never finished, and that too was Photoshop/golive, with the help of PHP coding.. but thats more advanced.. basically all it does is rotates the banner so each time you visit that site it changes.. but no one would ever notice it, and it took allot of work.. :( ANYWHO, websites are easy, i am sure you can do it.. ZERO code needed to know.. just have to know how it works in general, and how to use a program that is like a wordprocessor.. and then get your hands on that program.
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ischarmHobbyist Photographer
Yes I have dreamweaver and Golive, and I've made some in the past, but never finished it, 'cause the layout went all wrong :( I know these CSS files suppose to be simple, but for some reason it doesn't work for me :giggle: After trying hours after hours I've given up and never look at it anymore, 'till I really want to try it again :laughing: And that goes on and on and on.....

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Naw, CSS is not really that simple.. they are more annoying than anything.. I dunno where you got the idea they where suppost to be simple.. Adobe Golive CS2 is the first program that ever made it easy for me to do CSS... How are you doing your layouts? best thing to ever do is make your templet, then add your content.. I could always make you a nice little tutorial video on how to do it.. :P
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ischarmHobbyist Photographer
Ow I thought it supposed to be simple :giggle: Yes you could do that, I think many people would be interested :D
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Then Ill have to try that out some time.. Maybe tomorrow night after I get out of school, and have dinner with a buddy of mine.. shouldn't be that hard, maybe take 2 hours..
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ischarmHobbyist Photographer
Take your time :) Maybe I can design a layout sometime too :D
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