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Tf-Labor Teil 6 (Komodowaran)
Also nach langer Suche fand ich jemanden, der meinen Ansprüchen gerecht wurde .
Sein Name lautete Herr. Dr. Kenschi er war Doktor der Genetik und hatte nur Gute Noten auf allen Zeugnissen.
Ich war sehr überzeugt und rief ihn an:
Es klingelte Dr. Kenschi:“ Hallo, Kenschi hier wie kann ihnen helfen?“
Mutoos : „Hallo hier ist Dr. Mutoos von der TF-Lab GmbH, ich wollte bei ihnen anfragen ob sie Interessent hätten in meiner Firma als Assistent zu arbeiten?“
Kenschi : „Ja, das würde ich liebend gern. Ich interessiere mich sehr für ihre Forschungen, wann soll ich für ein Bewerbungsgespräch kommen?“
Mutos : „Das freut mich das sie so ein Interesse haben ich schlage vor sie suchen mich morgen um 15 uhr in meinem Labor auf.“
Kenschi : „Ok, dann bis morgen ich bin schon sehr gespannt.“
Klick und die Leitung wahr leer.
Ich muss gestehen auch wenn das ein sehr kurzes Gespräch war dachte ich
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100 HIA Challenge - Drake 43/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Drake 43/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 14 8 Wintersun - TIME II - Mediabook by PlaysWithWolves Wintersun - TIME II - Mediabook :iconplayswithwolves:PlaysWithWolves 3 5 100 HIA Challenge - Tara 39/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Tara 39/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 10 6 100 HIA Challenge - Gryph 38/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Gryph 38/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 9 10 100 HIA Challenge - Greif 36/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Greif 36/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 10 12 100 HIA Challenge - Thrain 37/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Thrain 37/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 7 8 Comish - Slowly Drifting by TwilightSaint Comish - Slowly Drifting :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 377 47 100 HIA Challenge - Ishalik 35/100 by GroxikavonDarkside 100 HIA Challenge - Ishalik 35/100 :icongroxikavondarkside:GroxikavonDarkside 12 11 Ice dragon by AlviaAlcedo Ice dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,051 55 Yuelin. by PandiiVan Yuelin. :iconpandiivan:PandiiVan 174 49

What a mathematical function taught me about lifeThe rectangular hyperbola is a mathematical function among the most used. Its formula is y = k/x (with k being a fixed value), and it consists of a line arranged in the following fashion (the rectangular hyperbola is the red one):

See those two black straight lines? Those are called the x-axis and the y-axis. The particularity of this interesting function is that its limit, as it approaches the infinite, is zero. That means, as long as the lines go further horizontally, it gets closer and closer to the x-axis, but it will never touch it. And still it continues, getting closer and closer to it. (As you can see, the same happens with the y-axis).
Now, to explain the function accurately it would take a good book about maths, but it’s not about maths that I really want to talk about. What I’m going to say, is what this simple yet powerful function has taught me about life. Yes, life.
The rectangular hyperbola has a goal: t

Autumn Forest Road in Acrylics
Autumn Forest Road in Acrylics. by PandiiVan

by the very talented :iconpandiivan:PandiiVan
Quiet time by Deygira-Blood
some small Stories to read:
The dracophileI spent a huge amount of time
reading fantastic books
where great, magnificent creatures
soar up into the blue sky,
My mind felt deep
into those stories
and suddenly I was with them,
they were greeting me,
they were inviting me,
I accepted their proposal,
and I flew with them.
Some are gentle,
some are cruel,
some help people,
some live lonely;
so much about them waited to be discovered,
that slowly and inexorabily,
I fell in love with their race.
When I then came back
to what I call home,
I went out and wandered long,
in search of some traces,
in search of them.
I desired to see with my real eyes
their majestic wings,
their colourful scales,
their mysteries and their knowledge,
but deep inside me
I knew the truth:
they were not next to me,
they were not in this world.
I came back to my safe walls,
highly disappointed,
and I painfully accepted
But I did not give up:
'cause someway I knew
that they did live somewhere,
in so many books,
and in their write
:thumb137190549: Ein kleiner DracheAniputz konnt’ es nicht glauben,
Tränen füllten ihre Augen,
Denn nun war sie ganz allein,
Niemand wollt’ noch bei ihr sein.
Keiner mochte junge Drachen
Jeder sprach von schlimmen Sachen.
Ani nasche Kitze weg,
Häschen wär’n ihr täglich Snack.
Selbst der Wolf verließ den Ort,
zog mit seinen Welpen fort.
Dabei war, man glaubt es kaum,
Freundschaft Anis größter Traum.
Tiere hat sie nie gefressen,
Nichts als Obst und Korn gegessen.
Doch, so dachten alle Rassen
Drachen muss man einfach hassen.
Nur die Spinne, selbst verachtet,
hat den Drachenschmerz beachtet.
Leise kam sie angetrippelt,
Hat an Anis Schwanz gezippelt,
Wollte Trost und Liebe geben …
… fand dabei den Sinn vom Leben
Die Moral in diesen Zeilen,
Schmerz erwächst aus Vorurteilen.

House Call    The house was described in terse, jagged text, half of it consisting of similes and metaphors. They insisted on comparing the spirits to something else. Vicious animals, forces of nature, demons of hell.
    Knowing this, I approached the porch carefully, holding nothing in my hands.
    "Spirit, can you hear me?" I announced, standing a handful of feet away from the front door. A low rumble echoed through the house, and I vaguely considered retreating. The full moon was out, looming over the house like its guardian angel. This was when spirits were most powerful. But the same went for me.
    I held onto my ward with one hand, and tried the door with the other, standing slightly to the side, in case the spirit tried to bludgeon me. Instead, the handle would hardly turn. But it wasn't locked, because I had the key. It just didn't want me in. That was fine, I had other ways in.


Six ways to kill by NinjaKato
Six ways to kill by SterlingKato

Nine Tailed Fire-starter by NinjaKato
Nine Tailed Fire-starter by SterlingKato
Object of Interest - Speedpaint Commission by Nightpark Sleeping with Dragons by Ellysiumn Il Trono di Palle by Aran34X
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Two steps from Hell by WolfRoad I Am Hope by Gewalgon My Best Friend Griff by sakimichan

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If you eat a teaspoon of sugar after eating something spicy, it will completely neutralize the heat.

A day on Venus is longer than a year on Venus.
The largest known black hole named "S5 0014+81" is 40 billion times heavier than our sun.

Scotland's national animal is the unicorn

In just ONE second, Apple makes $1,997.

China has more English speakers than the United States.

The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football field.
A donkey will sink in quicksand but a mule won't.

The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in jelly.

For every 230 cars that are made, 1 will be stolen.

In English, four is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value.

Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

see also the first: useless knowledge to go
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"Facebook isn't exclusive enough. Everyone has a face. We need to start ToothClub. Not everyone has teeth." - Puglife29
I haven't and I'm alive by Diversus-site

a great Dragonstory to-go: | auch auf Deutsch:
A Dragon Among Humans part 1(1) A Dragon Among Humans.
I woke up to the sound of a screaming alarm clock. It was Saturday, and is the first day of winter break. I ate my breakfast, and put my coats on. I took a walk to the park, even though it was a cold and snowy December. Many people here are tired of the snow and are longing for spring, but I liked the snow. The coolness and the whiteness of the snow appeals more to me than the hot, green summer.
Anyways, while I was walking to the park, I saw my good friend named Kody.
"Hey Drake! Haven't seen you since forever!" Kody called out to me.
"Thanks for teaching me that a few days is forever, Kody." I said. I always make condescending remarks to Kody because it drives him nuts.
"Whatever. I have something to tell you!" Kody excitedly told me.
"I found a cave yesterday close to the Red Lake. It's pretty deep in the wood, but there's a new cave not too far from here!"
Kody and I loved to explore caves. We've traveled to many different caves in many different
by :iconjamesno26: Ein Drache zwischen den Menschen -Teil1-Ein Drache zwischen den Menschen -Teil 1-
Original "A Dragon Among Humans" © by :iconjamesno26:
Übersetzung von :iconfiredragon7000:
Ich wachte vom schrillen Alarm meines Weckers auf. Es war Samstag und der erste Tag der Winterferien. Ich aß mein Frühstück und zog meinen Mantel an und ging im Park spazieren, obwohl es ein kalter und schneereicher Dezember war.  Viele der anderen waren den Schnee leid und sehnten sich nach dem Frühling, doch ich mag den Schnee. Die Kälte und das reine Weiß des Schnees sprechen mich mehr an, als der heiße, grüne Sommer.
Wie auch immer, während ich im Park umher ging, traf ich meinen Freund Kody.
"Hey Drake! Hab dich ja schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen", rief er mir zu.
"Vielen Dank für die Info, dass ein paar Tage ewig sind, Kody.", sagte ich. Ich mache ständig herablassende Bemerkungen über ihn, da es ihn wahnsinnig macht.
"Wie auch immer... Ich muss dir etwas erzählen!"

another Story by him:

a collab from :iconfiredragon7000: with 1KNG and me :iconischalik::

Unser Leben als Greif 1: Ein folgenreicher Tag
Greif-TF Teil 1:  Ein folgenreicher Tag
In Zusammenarbeit mit :icon1kng: (©pic. Suuki) und :iconischalik: (©pic. Thrain)

Es war sommerlich warm, als ich über meiner Mathe Klausur brütete. Komplexe Zahlen. Ja, da hat man vorher 13 Schuljahre lang gelernt, dass man aus negativen Zahlen keine Wurzeln ziehen kann und plötzlich ging es doch.
Meine Gedanken schweiften immer wieder zu diesem verlassenen Biolabor, das wir heute nach der Schule erkunden gehen wollten. Die Ruine befand sich ca. 7 Kilometer südlich der Stadt und meine besten Freunde Shin und Thrain wollten unbedingt, dass  wir eine Radtour dorthin unternahmen. Ich hätte ja lieber mein nagelneues Segway ausprobiert, welches ich gestern zu meinem 19. Geburtstag von meiner Tante geschenkt bekommen habe.
Aber vielleicht sollte ich mich erst einmal vorstellen. Ich heiße Tobias, bin 19 Jahre alt und wohne seit meiner Geburt in einer kleinen Deutschen Stadt. Ho
Commission - Unsere Greif-Familie by GroxikavonDarkside

Tobias Stamp by 1KNG Suuki Stamp by 1KNG Thrain Stamp by 1KNG Tara Stamp by 1KNG


_________________________________________,d88`********* ________________

completed with:
ASCII Dragon by Anrisa

the ASCII Dragon is free to use
Skyudhir Stamp by Raveruna I believe in dragons - big Stamp - by Gewalgon Pentagram meaning - Stamp - by Gewalgon I believe in magic - big Stamp - by Gewalgon Alvrericjas Stamp by Raveruna
I Love Walks In The Night Stamp by whisperofstars Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori:thumb243131510: Still waters run deep - Stamp - by Gewalgon I am a dreamer - Stamp - by Gewalgon

:iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz: Homework Kills Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Theodore Roosevelt by SirvanaRachana 'We Have Cookies' by TheGreenDragonGirl
Pet Dragon Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Rebi's Fantasy (remade) by XxDiaLinnxX Nocturnal Soul by peppy-heppy Balto 2 Aleu - Stamp by 8TwilightAngel8 I'm a Child of the Darkness. by UmbrellaUnrequired

i don't now... but i tried it ten times at different days and half dark and half earth comes out
What Element Fits You Best?

What Element Fits You Best?

I am a Ninetales!

Moses, stop it! by TheWolfLP…

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