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Hi guys!
Long time no see.
There are some big changes happened in my life, and so there wasn't time for my hobby.
More than that, maybe i consider to cosplay from now on only MY original ideas or just simple photoshoots.

Twitch Icon Here is my newbie twitch channel -

I haven't got any webcam and i stream rare.
But you can just follow me :3 I will be really glad :happybounce: 
Long time no see, guys !

First of all, let's celebrate another year's ending.
Its been tough, more things to come in 2017 for all of us Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Also, I want to say that during this year i was thinking about many cosplay ideas.
And maybe i have an opportunity to get some of this ideas a green light. At last =D (Big Grin)

Hoping for the best.

Stay tuned guys! Star! 
Its becoming a tradition.

The problems are still unsolved and because of this im thinking again about cosplay things.
I even have thoughts to close most of my cosplay social accounts.
I don't know will there be smth or not.

And i don't want to give a false expectations.

So yeah, maybe things will get worse than they are.
Hi all :)

Besides from cosplay photoshoots i ocassionally have some other photosessions.
Just me in normal clothes, maybe sometimes with ideas to represent.
At the moment there aren't so many of them, only few.

I have a question for all who watches me here: should i also post here these photos ?

thnx for reading ~
Sorry to all,
But atm have a rough times.
Thinking of ending any activities for present and future hypothetical plans.
For now, have to decide for myself what to do.

P.S. That means there are might be no more cosplay.

Decided to take part in these contest, in which people like photos and the more likes a person will get - win a PS4 or Wii U.
I've never win in these things, but at least i want to try :)

Just like my photo on the link below, i will be really glad for your support ! :happybounce:
Finally I made my cosplay page on Fb :)

Gladly will be waiting for everyone there:
Yep, that's me, hello to everyone who still follow my account :)

About cosplay: at spring I finished my new costume from League of Legends and already took part in local festival with it.
What character? You will see after the photoshoot will be done.
I hope it will be in June. I am worry about it, wish me luck.

Also, little by little I'm doing next cosplay, it will be lovely Catherine from game, but in her succubus form. I think it will be done only in september.

Sorry that still there is no photo from our last Catherine photoshoot - our photographer is busy with her studies (she is taking a second degree).
But they will be in the beginning of autumn, wait a little more ^^

I finished uploading photos of my  DW 7 photoshoot here !
Feel free to comment, I will be glad hear any words about this cosplay.

And also there will be more photos of one of my favourite character - Catherine ^o^
This time I was with another cosplayer, so wait until the photos will be ready.

And soon I'll start making another costume,  it will be female game character.<span class=""> Presumably it'll be finished in winter and  in the spring will be photoset.</span>
<span class=""></span>
I can't believe that finally I had a photoshoot of my new costume !
It was cold and a bit rainy day, but we did it.

Photos will be in 1-2 weeks, so you have to wait a little longer to take a look. And finally I can say, that it's a cosplay of Dynasty Warriors 7 character. Who is it you'll see later :)

And when I'm planning to go with this cosplay to Moscow festival.
After that - new cosplay. It will be female character from game, can't wait to make her^^

Не могу поверить что наконец отфотосетила свой новый костюм!
Был холодный и малость дождливый день, но мы справились.

Фото будут через 1-2 недели, так что ещё немного подождать надо будет. И наконец могу сказать, что я косплеила одного из персонажей Dynasty Warriors 7. А кто это именно вы узнаете позже)

Потом собираюсь с этим же костюмом на мск фест (пока не буду загадывать какой именно, но скорее всего J-FEST).
А после этого- новый косплей. Это будет женский персонаж из игры, не могу дождаться чтобы сделать её^^
Passed a long time since there were any notes about my current cosplay project.
Well, I hope that I will finish the costume on 2 months and I'm also looking forward for new photoshoot. I so miss my hobby :C

And I already have some thoughts on what I will cosplay next)
Прошло довольно много времени с тех пор, как я что-либо писала о том, как продвигается работа над нынешним костюмом.
Надеюсь, закончу его в течение 2 месяцев. Очень скучаю по косплею, но костюм не давал мне переключиться на другое- сложный ведь.

И есть пара идей насчёт того, кого косплеить дальше. Но об этом позже)
Well, I guess there will be no new cosplay photos for a while, because now I am working on a one hard cosplay, I dare say it will be the most hardest costume I have ever had. Wish me luck and keep patient.
Сейчас я работаю над одним сложным костюмом, это займёт много времени, затрат и сил. Так что здесь не будет обновлений довольно долгое время. Надеюсь, у меня всё получится)