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Catherine 1

Fandom: Catherine
Character: Catherine

cosplay by me
photo by :icontaisiaflyagina:
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Now this is an ending to die for
illarionovamasha's avatar
Gosh *_* You are beautiful!
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This is one of my favorite cosplay photos :-)
rodellis's avatar
Beautiful cosplay by beautiful you - magical!
adaw2's avatar
I love your Catherine cosplays
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Hello sorry to bother you but what pattern and fabric did you use to make this :) I'm trying to get the stuff together To make the white version and a black version of this characters outfit. I'm sorry to ask this question ....
catherineirkalla's avatar
This one is pretty good, right? One can go crazy if one were to try and get every single little detail right though :-O Did you ever get yours made?
yakkofreak0227's avatar
It's still a work in progress but it's turning out kinda close
catherineirkalla's avatar
One could easily spend thousands of hours on it if one were so inclined, it looks deceptively simple but its kind of difficult to get perfect.
yakkofreak0227's avatar
Yes it is -_- I think lookin for a pattern close to it has been the worst part
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Wow you look so much like her!
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the most beauty catherine i ever see *_*
I love Catherine. It is a very cute character. Your cosplay is really cute!! Congratulations!! Clap 
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incredible! sweet face, perfect body, fantastic set. You are such a great Catherine <3<3<3<3
IscariotElian's avatar
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your beaaaautiful :o whiiistle
Nyuugao's avatar
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wow....AWESOME cosplay!!
Wow, you are very pretty and did a great cosplay. 
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You really killed it since you really look like her
IscariotElian's avatar
Aw, thank you! I love Catherine as character so much, so your words really a good compliment for me.
Therealselenab's avatar
Yur welcome It's so fabulous you pull off the look perfectly!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-08 (Heart Angel) [V1] Misc Emoji-13 (Heart) [V1] I'm glad yu like my compliments ^^
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