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Well, I got lazy and stopped updating this gallery. But I think I will try to update more often now. 

Oh, btw, Q/Picard is my new/old OTP. I used to ship them in the beginning of the 00s, then I got distracted, but now I'm back. Oh joy. Expect some art. shame and facepalm. That's all I have to say.
A long break due to the fact that I moved to Saint Peretsburg where I plan to study design for the next 3 years. Hello, ever-lasting rain, hello!
This is the craziest summer in Moscow ever. It has been about 35-37 C for the last several weeks, almost no rain, and the forests around Moscow are burning. As a result it's impossible to go out without a mask or respirator or some sort of breathing protection. The smog is awful and you can hardly see the buildings on the other side of the street. And they say the weather won't change until September. Oh joy.
And Star Trek is to blame.

Not only have I done fan art, but I also have 7 finished and 1 in-progress K/S fanfics and 2 drabbles (they are all in Russian, so you won't see them here).
I feel... weird, because I'm usually not a very creative fan. I'm more of a consumer-type fan.

TOS is messing with my brain, I'm telling you!
I've just noticed that I've got 10000 views. Yay?
So I'm back. In Moscow. Ad it's cold. And there is snow. What the hell, it's March, for gods sake, March, where is the spring?
Maybe I should have stayed in Taiwan for 3 more months.Oh well, too late now.
Anyway, I'm thinking about going to mainland China now, the south (oh yeah, living in places with nice climate is addictive). I just need to earn the money for live&studies there for 5-10 months, and it will take me about 5-10 months to do so (if I manage to find a job during the financial crisis) because I'm awful at saving.   

P.S. As you can see I was so shocked by snow outside that I updated my devianart journal. Oh dear.
:iconthe-labyrinth-club: :iconlokiclub:
Oh yes, I'm updating this journal thingy (oh joy, oh joy!) to say that I have another journal thingy now:

My blog in English.
And that's it. Expect another update in about 5-10 years.
I just wanted to say that I have two other galleries at Epilogue ( and Elfwood (…). As I try to upload different pictures to all of them the galleries are probably worth a look.