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TOS: Vulcan Sexual Behavior

Ah yes, I have finally watched TOS.

P.S. I have changed the image so James Kirk is now wearing IDIC boxers. Just to show Spock his understanding, you know.
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My favorite part Is the Vulcan/Vulcan pon Farr, yaht made me laughh so hard
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The non-part with teh Vulcan/human made me laugh XD.
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This made me LOL!
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That's awesome! :D
*cackles* very nice!
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i love how he has the "live long and prosper"
hand sign <3
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This made me giggle. <33
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Jim's boxers are made of LOVE :heart:
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Ahaha, this is hilarious!! Oh my goodness, IDIC boxers, that is just fabulous. XD Kirk always was so much more understanding and accepting of Spock's culture than the rest...
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just..simply amazing!!
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! this is so funny and so cute. *2 thumbs up*
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I added this to :iconspirk:
Feel free to join or watch... I want to collect all good Spirk art here on dA :)
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I love the tearing off the clothes :rofl:
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hilarious XD ahhh pon farr jokes will never ever ever get old...
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LMFAO so true :heart:
And that last panel :iconicameplz:
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Iz made of so much love :D
JohnnyScharonne's avatar
OMG! there is love!
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Excellently fabulously awesome :lmao:
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If only you could see the big cheesy grin on my face right now. XD This is hilarious!! The only thing missing is Enterprise boxers on Kirk ;)
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