Commission info 2021 (temporary price discount!)

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By Isbjorg
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Please, read carefully !

I draw:

  • Fan art.

  • Original characters.

  • Fantasy scenes.

  • Steampunk.

  • Sci-fi.

  • Children and animals - should be discussed(contact me).

  • Mild erotic.
    ***Gay couples are possible. But there are some things to clarify: I do not draw weird pairings like Aragorn+Legolas; military/police/navy officers; and some other things. And... I prefer to draw girls over guys. ;)

If you are interested in the subject that is not listed here, please feel free to ask!

I DO NOT draw:

  • Porn, violence, any kind of fetishism etc.

  • Anthro, furry.

  • Full body horses, centaurs, horse riders.

  • A customer him/herself (also your grandma/grandpa, girlfriend/boyfriend portraits).

  • Portraits by photos.

  • Complicate poses, extraordinary facial expressions.

How it works:

  • Send me a SHORT, CLEAR description of your idea. English is not my native language. It would be great if you could use the following form:

  • I have a right to deny any request I'm not comfortable with.

  • You will receive a high resolution file.

  • You are free to use the commissioned work for whatever you want.

  • NO WIPs and preview sketches, sorry. I can't read in your mind. And I can't "print" your idea. My version of your characters is just my version. If you do not trust me - do not commissioning me.

  • NO DEADLINES ! I'm a human just like you. I have my own life with my own problems to worry about. I draw in my free time, so your order may take several days or several weeks to complete. "PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE". :yoda:
    Urgent commission: +25% extra.

  • NO refunds if you are not happy with the result.

  • Full payment upfront.

  • Once you have paid, cancelling your order will NOT be possible.

  • Payment methods:
    Paypal only. Currency: Euro.
    :bulletred: Note: PayPal fees will be included in the price.


    NOTE: Prices may increase depending on complexity and detailing!

    New discount prices:


    One character - from 20€.
    Two characters - from 40€.
    *Additional character is possible but it depends on the whole composition(contact me).
    Max - 2 characters.
    Background price depends on details(from 10€).

    Commission : Vadariya by Isbjorg  Commission: Touch by Isbjorg : Eryn Callaway by Isbjorg

    :bulletgreen:Half body:

    One character - from 25€.
    Two characters - from 50€.
    Max - 2 characters.
    Background price depends on details(from10€).
    Runes by Isbjorg Commission: Celestial glow by Isbjorg Sith Lord Krycek by Isbjorg

    :bulletgreen:Full body:

    From 35€.
    ONE character max.
    Background price depends on details(from 10€).

    NOTE: I'm limited by A4 paper size, so I prefer to draw full body characters if they are not standing or 3/4(no feet visible). Though standing characters(feet visible) are also possible, but you must understand that faces are small and less detailed in that case.
    Commission : Lady Nona by Isbjorg Green by Isbjorg Commission: Keeva by Isbjorg 

    :bulletgreen: Anything extremely complex(more than two characters, complex background and such): should be discussed:

    Snowy by Isbjorg Commission : The Three Graces by Isbjorg Commission : Alchemist by Isbjorg

    :bulletgreen: Detailed sketch:

    30€ (contact me for details).
    Detailed sketch commission : listening by Isbjorg Detailed sketch commission : fight the Jarl by Isbjorg Detailed sketch commission : Knight by Isbjorg

    :bulletgreen: Simple sketch:

    15€. Max - 2 characters, simple pose and clothes, no crazy armor and detailed background.
    Sketch commission:  Moira and Cosimo by Isbjorg Sketch commission: Viana and Runin by Isbjorg Sketch commission: Solas and Eva by Isbjorg

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask :nod:

© 2012 - 2021 Isbjorg
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Are you still open for commission? Really love your style!

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Thank you! Yes, commissions are open =)

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Hi! It's ok to order more than one picture at a time? Because I'm interested on taking some single half bodies 😅

Isbjorg's avatar

Hi, thanks for your interest =) Sure, it's OK!

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Thanks for your super fast answer! I'll note you back tomorrow with the information, since I need time to fill the form and I have a busy monday c': have a nice day!

Isbjorg's avatar

Sure! Have a nice day too =)

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Hello there! Just found your page, and interested in commissioning some stuff. Though wanted to be double sure that you were still open for commissions.

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Hi, thanks for your interest! Yes, commissions are open =)

thatmadpigeon's avatar

Splended, I will send you the information soon then!

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I'm interested in a half body piece from you, are these still available?

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Yes, commissions are open =)

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I shared this with my friends. You are amazing!

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Thank you so much! =)

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Are you open? ^_^ 
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May I get a sketch of these two Skrim OC's? :) 

Ready for battle by yoctoparsec

Exiled [Commission] by RoslynnSommers

Silver and Logan - Commission by RoslynnSommers

Basically from this scene I wrote  Logan isn't in armor, he's just wearing a tunic so not as complicated:…

 Back when they didnt get on :lol:


"Your life will be mine!" Silver snapped, slashing upwards.

Logan smirked. He threw his body weight into hers and she was sent flying into the river. As Silver fell and landed with a splash, Logan kicked her sword away before she could pick it up. She was half sat in the water proped up with her hands, looking absolutely livid. 

Seething and wet, she looked up at Logan with eyes of pure hate. Logan stood in the water and placed the tip of his sword under her chin, letting it dig into her skin slightly.  A slight smirk still remaining on his face.

"Not today" Logan said, looking down on her.


Let me know how much and when to pay. Also, Logan was using a wooden training sword that he uses to press into her neck.

Hope that's enough info. Sorry for the essay! 
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Please, send me a note and use the commission form. It would be much appreciated.
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You write that you will only do full body if they are sitting or not showing feet. Does this mean, that you would be willing to paint someone standing up, provided they are partially obscured by a bush, flowers or something else?
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The only reason that I'm limited by A4 paper. So characters' faces look less detailed. That's why most of my customers and I prefer 3/4 or sitting poses. But if it is not important to you, I can draw full body.
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Question: Will your discount last until next week? I would definitely love to commission you, but I need to wait until my next paycheck.
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Cool. Thank you.
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This is so weird. Isbjorg and are eerily similar. Their art style are very similar, Their prices are similar, Their commission info pages are very similar. Neither offer WIPs or previews sketches. Both state "don't trust, don't commission". And both have a topless Solas in bed as one of the first artworks on their commission info page. Very strange coincidence. Or is it? 
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You missed one very important thing in your investigation: “....and they work together”.
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