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I am currently writing a Hobbit fan fic which I am posting on, with the main characters being Kili the dwarf and a female hobbit original character. I would be really grateful for some fan art depicting the two characters together, in part because I like seeing a story come alive. I have looked in a lot of places to find a place where I can submit a request. (When I've needed fan art for Star Wars fan fic, I've found SWAG online to be a good place, but I've found no equivalent for Middle-earth!

What I would like is a picture of Kili (the Peter Jackson movie version), with my original character. The hobbit has red hair and I will leave it up to the artist to decide what's she's wearing, but the scene will be wintery, so it will be a good idea if she is wearing something to match that. My original character has a dog, (a Border/Welsh collie type of dog) because she was a farmer at the beginning of the story. I've not found a decent picture of a Welsh collie online, but it is the same breed as my dog, so I suppose he could be used as a reference (he is quite old, though, and would have brown fur where he is grey in the photos if he was younger).

And a link to my photo gallery which has more pictures of him.…

I would like them sitting together with the dog in a wintery scene in the Blue Mountains, if that is possible. If not, then I don't mind if it is just a sketch or something similar. I suppose it depends on the skill of the artist, and how much time they can devote to it.

I would like it done in a realistic style, or in the style western comic/animation works (I'm not a fan of anime, manga, and chibi art). The media used is up to the artist. I don't mind if it is coloured digitally, or if it is traditional. (I like both, but all the art pieces I've requested in the past have been coloured digitally.)

Here's a link to the story to get the mood for it.…

Thanks in advance.