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Our Love is Powerful +Pokemon ORAS+

Based off this: Gimme a Kissie Hott Stuff! +Pokemon ORAS+ by iSapphirus

EXCUSE THE CRAPNESS, it's suppose to be a fast sketch comic pic so haha.

Lol Rayquaza realized he wanted some attention for the Holidays too, wanting them to battle so he can save the world again,  so he tries to make the poor couple's lives a misery, and yes, Groundon and Kyogre are named Groudin (male) and Kyogie (Female). Also, yes, Groudin's running on water. xD
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"Our love gives me power" XD
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Hahaha! XD This is amazing, I love it so~ ^.^ :love: Love conquers all! ;) :heart:
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A pleasure my dear~ :aww: <33
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This is... pretty damn funny. I'm not gonna lie. Laughed for like a good 2 solid minutes.
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Haha glad you liked it! =D
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omg that is beautiful xDD
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The heaviest pokemon is walking on water. LOVE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT GRAVITY. xD
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Ikr, he's ruining logic and the balance of nature. D:
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No logic aplies on Pokemon
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Except for the Fire, Water grass effectiveness logic.
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god that couldn't be anymore perfect.
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hey sis do a human version of them :p
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