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Tickles And A Hug by Isamu-Sugai Tickles And A Hug :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 8 1
Mature content
GreenXRed :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 1 0
Mature content
GreenXRed :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 1 0
Mature content
GreenXRed :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 0
Mature content
GreenXRed :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 1 0
All I Needed Was You
Chapter 2: Pokeball
The next morning Green felt something warm and wet licking his cheek. His emerald green eyes blinked open and he saw his eevee. He gave her a tired smile and petted her head. “Hey girl.” Eevee smiled at her trainer and nuzzle into his hand. Green chuckled and placed her on his chest.
You two remind me of Pika and I.” Red spoke up. Green's eyes scanned the room for the raven and realized he was leaning against the wall, staring at him. It took Green everything he had to not freak out to keep himself and Eevee from hitting the floor. However he could not prevent his body from twitching all over.
“What the fuck Red?!” He started. “How long have you been staring at me asleep?” At this point even eevee was freaked out and hid in her trainer arms for comfort. “A couple of hours. I had time to prepare some tea for us and wash our clothes.”
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 0
Mature content
GreenXRed :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 0
Blizzards and Llamas by Isamu-Sugai Blizzards and Llamas :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 4 0
Bump in the Night
Bump in the Night
You're quietly sitting on the staircase secretly watching the movie.  Your parents told you not to see.  It was only one minute into the movie, and you couldn't look away from the TV screen.  It wasn't long before you found yourself covering your mouth to muffle any screams or any yelps you did.  There was one time you almost got caught, but you didn't and that gave you a bit of a rush.  Maybe this sneaking around thing wasn't so bad you thought to yourself.
You decide to head upstairs feeling quite satisfied you made it through the movie.  You quietly head to your room, closing the door behind you.  You look towards your nightlight, it is your favorite nightlight because it was the one you got from your grandparents.  The one that always keep you safe at night.  However, you thought about how you got through the movie and felt this sudden rush of bravery and decide to turn it off.  "You're a big kid now" you thought s
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 0 0
More Than A Myth
More Than A Myth
Prologue:  Jackson Overland
A young man who looked to be twenty-three and his younger sister were on their way home, after collecting fire wood.  About half way home the pair stumbled upon a frozen pond.  The young man stood and thought for a moment.  
“Jack let's just walk across.” The girl turned and looked over at her brother.  
The boy shrugs and looks at his sister and then at the pond. “I don't know Emma, it's hard to tell how thick the ice is.”
“I'm sure it's fine, Jack.” The girl starts to take a step onto the ice.
The boy shakes his head.  “She never listens to me. Hey, wait up for your big bro!”
The pair make it to the middle of the pond. “See? I told you it would be fine.”
“Yeah, I guess you're-”
Suddenly both hear the most terrifying sound to hear while standing on ice.  Small cracks started to form under the feet of the girl.  She tried not to move but her f
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 8 1
Do you remember that time you met this guy who seem so great?
Course you do.  This is about you as we all know.
So yeah, that guy what was his name again?
Who cares, it's not like anyone cares about him now, especially not you.
… One of those guys, one of those stereotype guys.  You know those tall, dark, handsome type guys.
Oh yeah he was also mysterious.
Yeah one of those guys someone you could fall for, If you're not careful.
Unfortunately, that's what happened to you.  It wasn't your fault really.  He was good at hiding who he truly was.
Things are good at first but then again, aren't they all?
He made you feel safe, laugh, blush, etc.
Yeah you had it and everything seemed so good.  You were certain nothing could ruin what you had.
That is… Until the day your friend showed you the truth.
The truth… It played in your head like a film except you weren't sitting back and watching it play.  Oh no, it was like you were really
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 1
Kiki eye by Isamu-Sugai Kiki eye :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 1 The Watcher by Isamu-Sugai The Watcher :iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 2 6
Miracle Winter Wish-Hope 4
Miracle Winter Wish
Chapter Four: Take Me With You
My heart burns with determination and the wind was at my back, pushing me forward towards my goal; The North Pole.  After a day and half of riding the north wind, the familiar unique roofs finally came into view.  The winds slowly died down aiding my descend to the front entrance.  As soon as my feet make contact with the snow I rush over to the doors—which, to my surprise was locked.  I press my forehead to the glass and scan for any signs of life but it was dead inside.  Not even the lights were on.
“What's going on here?”
I will the wind to take me to the top of the rooftop and then head to my room.  Luckily, I left my window open just a crack the last time I was here.  Once in my room I immediately went to the rest of the workshop.  It was unnaturally quiet.  The only sounds were those of my own footsteps as I slowly make my way down the empty halls.
“Where is ev
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 8 6
From Behind The Glass
From Behind The Glass
Jack FrostxReader Oneshot
You're turning eighteen in a week but there will be no birthday party.  You're used to it though, after all it was like that ever since you were eight years old.  It's not because of your family or money.  It was because of your condition, your illness, that thing that makes you unique.  Your body stopped producing white blood cells when you turned eight.  Several tests later and your doctors still don't know what's wrong with you.
So here you are, stuck in a glass box for your own safety.  It gets lonely sometimes sure, but you get visitors.  Most of the time it's your grandparents that visit though, since both your parents work.  Your friends visit too but there is one good friend who has visited you since day one.
He's special, unique, and not like any of your other friends.  He's your age but he doesn't act like it.  He likes to travel and enjoys telling you stories about where he's been and what he saw.  You learned early on that he
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 26 20
Miracle Winter Wish-Hope 3
Miracle Winter Wish
Chapter Three:  Snow Day And The Guardian of Hope
“Where the heck is Frostbite?  He should have been back by now.” Said the very annoyed Easter Bunny.
“I wouldn't worry about it, bunny.  I'm sure he has a good reason for being late.”
“Tooth, this is the third time this month he's been late and each time you tell him not to worry.  He listens to you, talk to him.”
Bunny taps the floor and then jumps into the hole that appears.
Tooth sighs, “He doesn't really listen to me though...”
You and Jack spent the night chatting and by morning you discover a light fluffy layer of snow covering you like a blanket.  You sit upright and rub the sleep out of your eyes so your vision clears.  You see a pair of ice-blue eyes looking down at you.
“Good morning, Snowflake.”
“Jack I told you, my name is Angel.”
“And I keep telling you, your name is (Your name)”
You shake your head and then stand up
:iconisamu-sugai:Isamu-Sugai 7 13


might be an addiction by oujigami
Mature content
might be an addiction :iconoujigami:oujigami 127 5
Flash of Flames by Lhuin Flash of Flames :iconlhuin:Lhuin 2,057 65 Crack of Thunder by Lhuin Crack of Thunder :iconlhuin:Lhuin 2,321 54 Hail of Ice by Lhuin Hail of Ice :iconlhuin:Lhuin 2,710 59 Googleplier by Konoira Googleplier :iconkonoira:Konoira 2,260 166 Looking Dapper (REDO) by LivingAliveCreator Looking Dapper (REDO) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 149 44 Happy Birthday Cryaotic!!! by FloatingMegane Happy Birthday Cryaotic!!! :iconfloatingmegane:FloatingMegane 735 34 Boodper Dooper Snooker by FloatingMegane Boodper Dooper Snooker :iconfloatingmegane:FloatingMegane 1,419 73 JSE little Comic by FloatingMegane JSE little Comic :iconfloatingmegane:FloatingMegane 921 127 Chibi Jack and Mark! (2) by FloatingMegane Chibi Jack and Mark! (2) :iconfloatingmegane:FloatingMegane 1,007 35 Welcome To The Family by FloatingMegane Welcome To The Family :iconfloatingmegane:FloatingMegane 1,566 194 Goop by Konoira Goop :iconkonoira:Konoira 1,896 139 Mikhail Animation (WIP) by TicklishTouch Mikhail Animation (WIP) :iconticklishtouch:TicklishTouch 28 44 Jack and Mark by Konoira Jack and Mark :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,401 108 Widowmaker!Jack by Konoira Widowmaker!Jack :iconkonoira:Konoira 1,852 203 Switch! by Konoira Switch! :iconkonoira:Konoira 2,427 141


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For anyone who likes talking about tickling! Just put an X in the appropriate boxes for each question (except for question 8). Feel free to select more than one box per question, though for some of them it may be easier to just select one.

Each question will have a blank box as the last choice in case you'd like to add your own selection or explanation. Feel free to share it with other people and re-upload with your own answered questions. I just ask that you don't delete or change any of the questions. Thank you! Have fun!

Credit goes to:


1.) Do you like tickling in general?

[ ] I guess I don't dislike it, but I don't get the whole fetish/obsession people have for it.
[ ] NO!
[ ] Not that much, but I don't dislike it either.
[ ] Yes, it's adorable.
[X ] Yes, I LOVE it. It's the best thing ever.
[ ]

2.) Do you like tickling other people?
[ ] No, they'd hate me for it!
[ ] Not really. It's too awkward.
[ ] Sure, just for fun though.
[ ] Yes, a lot. It's really cute and fun.
[ ] Absolutely! I'm notorious for it!
[X ] I have not been able to tickle others, actually but I know I would love it.

3.) Do you like being tickled?
[ ] Heh. I'm not ticklish.
[ ] Only for a little bit. I don't like it when the person gets carried away.
[ ] Yes; I can take it for a long time but I mean it when I say stop.
[X ] Oh, YES. I don't care if they tickle me senseless, I'd love them for it.
[ ]

4.) If you don't like being tickled, why?
[ ] It gets annoying because people think they can actually tickle me.
[ ] I'm UNBEARABLY ticklish!!
[ ] It's just awkward and uncomfortable.
[ ] Bad/traumatizing experience with it.
[ ] Because I'd rather be the tickler!
[ ]

5.) If you do like being tickled, why?
[ ] It's just so cute, especially when my friends/boyfriend/girlfriend does it to me!
[ ] It feels really good. I don't get turned on by it or anything, but it makes me feel excited and it's a good adrenaline rush.
[X ] It feels AMAZING, and I never want it to stop.
[ ]

6.) If you don't like tickling other people, why?
[ ] Because they might start tickling me back!
[ ] Because they'd think I'm weird for tickling them.
[ ] Because I like it a bit too much; I might get carried away.
[ ] Because I'd rather be the one getting tickled!
[ ]

7.) Do you burst out laughing at the slightest touch?
[X ] Yes, one touch to a ticklish spot and I just fall apart.
[ ] Not really, but I do get pretty giggly depending on the spot.
[ ] No. It takes a lot more than just a wiggle of the fingers to even get me giggling.
[ ]

8.) Time for ticklish spots :D Here's how this one works:
•Leave it blank if it's hardly ticklish at all.
•Put a - if it's a mildly ticklish spot but not really a spot you like having tickled
•Put a + if it's a mildly ticklish spot you like having tickled
•Put two -- (or more) if it's a very ticklish spot but not really a spot you like having tickled
•Put two ++ (or more) if it is a very ticklish spot you like having tickled

[++ ] Upper stomach
[+++ ] Lower stomach
[+++] Ribs
[++ ] Sides
[ ] Underarms(Since the only person who has tickled me is me. I do not know about this area)
[+++ ] Neck
[-] Hips
[ ] Thighs (Since the only person who has tickled me is me. I do not know about this area)
[ ] Limbs
[ ] Knees
[ ] Back of knees
[+++] Feet
[ ] Belly button (I have never tried this area before, actually)
[++] Back
Any others?
[--/+ ] Ears, Tongue, Teeth

9.) Favorite places to tickle others:
[ ] Upper stomach
[+++ ] Lower stomach
[++ ] Ribs
[ ] Sides
[ ] Underarms
[++ ] Neck
[ ] Hips
[ ] Thighs
[ ] Limbs
[ ] Knees
[ ] Back of knees
[+++ ] Feet
[++ ] Any places they did not know they were ticklish.

10.) If you were tied down to a tickle table, tickle chair, locked in stocks, etc., how long would you want to be tickled?
[ ] Only a little bit!
[ ] Enough to make me tired/turn me on, but then I'd tell them to stop.
[X ] Until I'm worn out and begging.
[X ] Until I pass out from exhaustion!
[ ]

11.) If a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend was in the same situation, how long would you tickle them?
[ ] NONE! They don't want to be there, they also hate being tickled!
[ ] Only a little bit. It's fun and all, but getting carried away is too much.
[ ] A lot, but I'll stop when they tell me to.
[ ] Until I know they can't take it anymore.
[X ] Until they're too exhausted to think!
[ ]

12.) Your favorite tickling tool(s) to use on others?
[XXX ] Feathers
[X ] Fingers
[X ] Paintbrushes
[X ] Brushes
[X ] Fingernails
[X ] Electric toothbrushes
[X ] Tongue
[ ]

13.) Your favorite tickling tool(s) to be used on you?
[XXX ] Feathers
[X ] Fingers
[X ] Paintbrushes
[ ] Brushes
[ ] Fingernails
[X ] Electric toothbrushes
[X ] Tongue
[ ]

14.) How do you try to get people to tickle you?
[ ] I don't like being tickled!
[ ] Always having a ticklish spot on the body revealed; armpits, midriff, feet, etc.
[X ] Tickle/provoke them in hopes of being tickled back.
[X ] Start a tickle-fight.
[X ] Suggest adding tickling to a game like hide-and-seek or truth-or-dare.
[X ] Casually bring it into a conversation.
[ ]

15.) How do you get away with tickling other people?
[ ] I don't like tickling people.
[X ] Sneak up behind them and squeeze their sides/belly or pinch them under the armpits.
[X ] Start a tickle-fight or suggest adding it to a game.
[ ] Find a reason to use it as revenge or blackmail against them.
[ ] Lure them into an area where they can be pulled away and end up being tied down and ready to be tickled senseless!
[ ]

16.) What are you the most like when it comes to tickling someone?

[ ] You really don't like tickling another person, even if it's just for fun. It's embarrassing. When you do, you're very gentle and usually stop within seconds.

[ ] You're shy about it, but you think it's cute. You don't tickle anyone unless you know they're okay with it (or at least won't punch you in the face for trying.)

[ ] You like to tickle people, but you're gentle with it, and you're careful to make sure that the person isn't too overwhelmed by it.

[ ] You love tickling people and you like to push the receiver's buttons a little. You'll tickle them until they start fighting back or clearly seem panicked by the situation, then you'll show mercy.

[X ] You don't take advantage of people who don't like being tickled, but once you find a person who likes it even a little bit, you take full advantage until they're overwhelmed. You tease and tantalize, making sure that they love their predicament and want you to keep going.

[ ] You can be a little sadistic about tickling. When you find the victim's most ticklish spot, you don't stop, no matter how much they beg, until you decide they've had enough. You do try to stay somewhat on their good side though. You're not completely merciless, and you care for the person's well-being.

[ ] You're a sadistic tickler to the highest degree. You're absolutely merciless when it comes to tickling; You care almost nothing for the receiver's comfort or well-being, as long as you get to make them plead and laugh hysterically.

[ ]

17.) What are you the most like when it comes to being tickled?

[ ] HATE it! You'll probably start begging the second you start getting tickled!

[ ] You don't completely panic from it, but you don't like having the tides turned against you and you can't stand being at another person's mercy.

[ ] You don't like it for the most part; it's overwhelming. You don't mind if a friend tickles you nicely for fun, but you panic if it goes on for too long.

[ ] You dislike it at first and might beg for it to stop... then after a while, you realize that maybe you actually do enjoy it.

[ ] As much as you hate to admit it, you really do like it. You won't beg for it to stop, but you'll hint to the person that you find it annoying. You might or might not give in to it; it depends on your mood.

[ ] You like it, but aren't necessarily turned on by it. It's a good workout for the stomach and it's a great adrenaline rush. You find it very fun and don't mind at all being tickled until you're really ready to stop.

[ ] You love it but you're also overwhelmed by it. You think it's a very good feeling, but you're so unbearably ticklish in certain areas that a part of your brain tells you that it needs to stop.

[X ] You are completely excited by it. It feels amazing, and just the thought of being tickled leaves you drooling. You wouldn't mind being tickled into exhaustion.

[ ]

18.) Final thoughts? Reading this should tell you how ticklish I am. If not then...well Wink/Razz 
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