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Izra Sen (Character Reference Sheet)

Name: Izra Sen (ē-Zrä senn)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese American
Birthday: 9/23 (Libra)


Physical Description:

Height: 5'4"
Weight (Without robotic limbs): 98 lbs
Weight (With robotic limbs): 183 lbs
Hair: Dull sandy brown
Eyes: Left eye robotic. Grey sclera, iris is a cyan blue with a white pupil, glowing from a power light. When deactivated, the iris is black. Right eye is normal green.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Wears large and baggy jeans held in place by an old black and grey elastic belt. Grey blank shirt with an open white button-up.



Personality/Attitude: She's rather flat when it comes to personality, mostly only allowing herself to express mild anger, or confusion, simply because other emotions tire her out. She keeps to herself not because she's shy, but because she doesn't like other people. What she lacks in emotion and compassion, she makes up in intimidation and strength.
Favourites/Likes: A quiet atmosphere. Sitting up in high places. Tinkering with electrical and mechanical devices. Water. Walking/Running.
Most Hated/Dislikes: Loud/obnoxious people. Having to take care of her body. Not being able to use her left eye. Explaining hard-to-understand things to dull people. Dealing with the feelings that she definitelly has that she definitelly doesn't admit having. People in general.
Goals/Ambitions: None.
Strengths: Fighting, Engineering, Keeping a level head.
Weaknesses: Working with others, understanding others.
Fears: In a backwards way; losing her cool, losing the very few she's close to.
Hobbies/Interests: None really.
Attitude Toward Death: She wants to die young.
Religion/Beliefs: None/Atheist
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: The four years her parents tortured and trained her to carry on their legacy.
Sexual Preference: Not.
Education/Special Training: Self taught/ what she learned from her parents.
Place/Type of Residence: Anywhere that there aren't authority/ scrap yard.
Occupation: Paid Assassin
Hari Returns
First time drawing my little wood elf in a LONG time.
Is it bad to say I think they're REALLY cute?
I had started and almost finished the lineart of this at the beginning of the year. I only just got to finishing it up.
Also first time trying cel shading, I actually really like it.
Hari belongs to me.
Meet the Artist! (Me edition)
It is I.
But for real, I've been working on this for so long, and then I stopped (which really attests to my laziness) but I've decided to finish it without shading.
But yeah!
(Had to downsize the photo because it was too big for Deviantart.)
Izra Sillhouette
Probably my best work yet! I'm super proud of it.
Izra belongs to me.
(Also the lense flare was a total experiment. If it looks bad, then I donno, lemme kno.)
My friend and I collabed with this one. (If it ain't clear already.)
Ravi is a Fire Genasi and Jack is a half elf.
They are both a part of my D&D campaign.

Credit to the original base maker, their a fantastic artist, and you should totally check them out. They deserve all the attention ever.
(By the way, if you wanna try this out, credit them first and foremost, but here is the original picture. Have fun!)


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