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Portrait of a Corpulent Man.
He was a positive balloon of a man. He was elephantine, monstrous, colossal, whopping, casklike in general appearance. Big. No, what's the word - ah yes!
In fact, were he any fatter and female, he'd've qualified to be the "momma" in jokes of that persuasion.
He was also grotesque, uncomely in appearance, homely - no, not homely - rather, the appropriate noun-becoming-an-adjective word for "shack" would be more appropriate. Shackely then, I suppose. Basically, what I'm attempting to hint at was that he was, in no uncertain terms (in fact quite certain ones really), ugly. A man with the kind of face that only a mother could love. That is if his mother had been into that sort of thing, and was being paid by the hour to be into those sort of things which I shall only hint at vaguely since this is really meant to be a children's story.  
:iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 9
Steamboat Willie
The neotenous mouse
ages and youths
in simultaneous harmony.
:iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 0
6 - Version 2 by Isaidthatsblasphemy 6 - Version 2 :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 5 Boating by Isaidthatsblasphemy Boating :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 3 Flatiron by Isaidthatsblasphemy Flatiron :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 0 Turn to clear vision by Isaidthatsblasphemy Turn to clear vision :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 0 South by Isaidthatsblasphemy South :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 1 6 by Isaidthatsblasphemy 6 :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 3 Oerbier by Isaidthatsblasphemy Oerbier :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 14 Me, myself, and a wine cellar. by Isaidthatsblasphemy Me, myself, and a wine cellar. :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 44 Ion Trap by Isaidthatsblasphemy Ion Trap :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 3 25
Sino-Tibetan Senryu
Juggling unicyclists,
a neverthriving wobble,
:iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 6
Global Warming
By 2050,
he was knee-deep in water
very well-informed about it.
:iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 28 32
Belgian Beer by Isaidthatsblasphemy Belgian Beer :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 0 24
Mature content
Irish Cream Coffee :iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 2
Birth of the Scientific Method
In a fit of anger,
grabbed the nearest rapier -
and proceeded to stab Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino,
and proceeded to leave Pope Urban VIII gasping for breath in a pool of his own blood.
That settles it.
Galileo will advocate and teach Copernican astronomy as he pleases.
:iconisaidthatsblasphemy:Isaidthatsblasphemy 1 2


River Tam beats up everyone by deino-erd River Tam beats up everyone :icondeino-erd:deino-erd 248 58 goldman shafts v2 by zeruch goldman shafts v2 :iconzeruch:zeruch 14 2 The Other Side of Town by Gearmond The Other Side of Town :icongearmond:Gearmond 12 14 Steampunk Skipper by ursulav Steampunk Skipper :iconursulav:ursulav 3,446 238 Art Deco Dalek by Promus-Kaa Art Deco Dalek :iconpromus-kaa:Promus-Kaa 335 145
Sonnet to a Lunch Lady
In ado thou hast me thee fain to cape
Thou covet’st Helen fair lo I ‘heathen’
To be or not to be our bridal ape
Lo mid aged food for thought raise gorge ‘bethan
Blest Instauration cou’n’t fool better found
His Perfect shrew queen so benetted be
In café-tierra coxcomb thus crowned
Most mundane wage slaved harlot lunch lady
In ado thee I joust on field painted
Then wilt slain Troj in choice ruins agree
Plead guilt as no tribune’s ruth less ‘quainted
Thou life sworn on that face launched thousundry
Scorns burn topless towers ill-fathomed be
Doth much prefer charms served by lunch lady
:icontragicomplexity:tragicomplexity 1 1
sc01fb8024 by tedikuma sc01fb8024 :icontedikuma:tedikuma 20 9 Zen Comic by Gearmond Zen Comic :icongearmond:Gearmond 8 24 ilustracion relarga by il-lichu
Mature content
ilustracion relarga :iconil-lichu:il-lichu 1,664 205
Odor, Adjourn
Odor, adjourn!
Feed the mundane by the bane
To the wyvern!
Brayer’s dozen!
O ye of little faith have no place
In this coven!
Blind-eyes babble!:
"A snake is naught but a snake
'Less he wields a war-rattle!"
Alder sundered!
Forever find fault in the whistling wall’p
Of the jack of all lumber!
Thunders, speak!
Sound the hour with the power
To end an apartheid!
Odor, adjourn!
Let the weakest wretch wreak the wrath of the meek
Upon the reign of the strong!
Jedi, unlearn!
Unlearn what you have learned
In a Dagobah cavern!
Magma, harden!
For no one loved your emesistream that screamed
From the maw of the devil's garden!
Mandrill, berserk!
Your inimical bedlam's a dominant pendulum
Stemming from birth of laughing life's work!
Horror arisen!
Ignore the peddler’s Mount and manage thereout
To the true one atop the Brocken!
Odor, adjourn!
Obvert the mundane through the olfactory vein
To the nascent breath of the Wonder!
Solsticer vermiform!
The Terrible Trivium hath divvied such da
:icontragicomplexity:tragicomplexity 1 6
1350 by macduy 1350 :iconmacduy:macduy 1 1 NIGHT TRAWLER by RSConnett NIGHT TRAWLER :iconrsconnett:RSConnett 842 161 ROBBERT WYATT- WIP by Nnif ROBBERT WYATT- WIP :iconnnif:Nnif 3 17 Noah's Ark by frowzivitch Noah's Ark :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 480 202 Are you ready by ilona Are you ready :iconilona:ilona 1,204 252


And can confirm that it is indeed true that no matter the quantities of the fruit of the yeast, the hops and the H2O molecule one consumes, one will not suffer from a hangover. At least while in the Czech Republic.

To sum things up, I had fun, got drunk, got a snog, tried proper green absinthe, made a bunch of new friends, worked my arse off, bought books by Murakami Pynchon and Woody Allen, got a certificate, returned to Malta after spending a sleepless night at Vienna airport only to find that the local be-pot-bellied bus drivers had decided to go on strike, recieved my University results, bought a Smetana album, didn't find anything by Pulnoc or the PPU despite ransacking all of Brno and passed all my exams.

Not necessarily in that order.
  • Listening to: Smetana's The Bartered Bride
  • Drinking: Water, cold, lots of, in pint glass


N.F. Martin
Current Residence: Earth
Favourite photographer: Dennis Stock
MP3 player of choice: VLC


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