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Gauntlets: Chapter 2 - Push and Pull
Chapter 2
      I remember the first time that I realized my mother was crazy. I don't remember the name of the town that we lived in then, but I do remember that I liked it there. It was one of those very fantasized about small towns with many friendly people. Close knit homes that stood side by side went on for what seemed like forever. Uniform, but still individual in their own way.
      I was about six or seven years old. My mother, Aliss and I played at the local park for hours that day. This park was beautiful. Skinny trees with giant leaves and long branches that you could swing on all day. Grass greener than any I had ever seen before, and have yet to see even up until today. There was also a lake that was guarded off by a black iron fence that came up to my neck. This lake was home to beautiful animals, mostly just ducks. They all came in a variety of colors. I loved feeding them. It was kind of my thing. We had only
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Gauntlets: Chapter 1 - A Dead Man.
Chapter 1
               The pain is excruciating. The sun beams into my eyes as I lay on my back in the muddy field. A light rain shower has started, and the humid air slowly drains out any hydration I may have had in my body. I can taste the dry hot air on my even dryer tongue. The august sky is beautiful though; I see that, even through this pain.
I hear the muffled sounds of people, or at least I think that they are people, laughing, screaming, and yelling! The soccer field that I was on just a few minutes ago has in an instant turned into a whirly unidentifiable mess. The trees that once surrounded me now look like tall, scary creatures. And the sky. This august sky looks like fire. Beautiful fire, but fire nonetheless.
I raise my hand to my face and immediately feel the welt growing on my forehead. I think that I may be bleeding as well.
"You okay boy," I hear someone ask. I force myself to attempt sit up
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