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Tibby Audition Sheet by IsaiahStephens Tibby Audition Sheet by IsaiahStephens
Hey guys,

Think you have what it takes to bring the characters of Blood Reign to life?! 

I’m officially holding auditions for an animated passion project of mine. “Blood Reign: The Black Dinner”

“Blood Reign: The Black Dinner” is an animated murder mystery web series by me, Isaiah Keith Stephens.

Ten women. One Crown. One deadly night!

Ten princesses are gathered for a customary banquet. They are the guests of Queen Kathryn Valmont, whom they’ve all known their entire lives. When the Queen is mysteriously poisoned at the dinner, suspicions quickly arise. It seems that one of the princesses is the murderer, but the person who is suspected is mysteriously murdered soon after by a masked assailant. One by one, each princess is meets an untimely demise, and its soon realized that the killer…may likely be one of them. Or is it? 
If you’d like to audition for a role, or multiple roles, please record yourself (video OR audio) reciting the specified lines for the character/characters that you’re auditioning for, and send the recording to -

Subject line: (Character Name) -Audition, (Your Name/Pseudonym)

Example: Sterling - Audition, Jane Smith

I’d suggest reciting each line a few different ways! (Sarcastically, Frightened, Emotionally) Make the character come to life! If you’d like to audition for multiple roles, please submit a different entry for each character.

Auditions will be held until Sunday April 3rd, 2016.

Your audition will be judged on two main factors:

-Acting ability
-Sound quality of your recording

I’m looking for all kinds of voices, so don’t be afraid to try something different from what I think the characters could sound like. SURPRISE ME! You’re also more than welcome to include links to other voice acting jobs you’ve done! Casting decisions will be announced on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

To read the Backstory’s of each character, click -

This is not a paying job, everyone working on this project is doing so on a voluntary basis :)

Character Backstory-
Tabitha 'Tibby' Malady "The Virgin"

You will never find two people who are as much alike as they are different with the Malady twins. 
Tabitha "Tibby" Malady, and Matilda "Tilly" Malady have had a very strange life. They were orphaned at the age of six when their parents were murdered right in front of them by their childhood maid. A pure act of hate. Needless to say, this caused the twins to have an . . . unusually dark perspective when looking at the world. Live while you never know when you can be killed.

Tibby took this as motivation to create a better life for herself and her sister. Using the years to study and focus on her education as opposed to her social life.

Tilly was motivated to do exactly the opposite! Life is meant to be lived! Love who you want, do what you want, live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse!

Though the sisters are on opposite ends of the personality spectrum, their love for each other has always remained unshakable. Something that has only aided them when it comes to tough times. So surely, their horrific past is only a footnote in what's sure to be a glorious tale. Right? Maybe what happened to their parents was more than a vengeful act. 

Sometimes fate has a way of circling back around to complete unfinished business. But will that be a good thing?

What will be their fates? Stay tuned.
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Okay I figured out where to audition now I Avenue question where what format do you want them audition tapes to be in because I can configure mine but I need to know what you if I have I'm able configure into what you need me to configure it to a done MP3s before
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