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Sailor Scouts Genderbend

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By IsaiahStephens   |   Watch
Published: August 14, 2014
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RealityIsRelativeHobbyist General Artist
A sailor isn't gender specific? So are they still the sailor soldiers? Just not skirts?
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Oh my god, they look amazing!!! I'm in love with this!!!!!!
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MoonLiteMagic45Hobbyist Writer
Wow; nice costumes for the guys! They definitely look heroic! :love:
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DamejHobbyist General Artist
I feel that they should be forced to fight evil in bicycle shorts. The girls had to do it in micro-mini skirts & leotards, so should the boys! (As close as you can get anyway).
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This is soooo cool! I can see the names now:

Stanley Tsukino
Amos Mizuno
Ralph Hino
Lee Kino
Matthew Aino

(How is that for names)?
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SlealeStudent General Artist
OMFG YES I saw the Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and like raised hell trying to find this! I soooo want to do a cosplay group based on this <3
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Sailor-girl1234Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Isaiah!

I can not begin to tell you how much I just ADORE this! :nuu:

PLEASE draw and color the Outer Senshi in Male Form very soon! :tighthug:


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RedtriangleStudent Digital Artist
I'm gonna say it, they look like Power Rangers.
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ShadyWintersHobbyist General Artist
This is AWESOME!!!
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adogg281Student Artist
alternate versions.
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Venus looks like Brad Pitt. This should be a real series. I'd watch. :9
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Jupiter reminded me of Ultra Boy, and that's not a bad thing at all.
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They look good, great work
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rickyryanStudent Digital Artist
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BlackwerewolfheroHobbyist Digital Artist
could make an interesting series lol
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Hmm. Jupiter went from being the most "womanly" to being the most "manly." 

I approve.
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You are an amazing Artist, and if there was enough time I would have commented on all the pic that of the characters I knew. You have a wonderful gift, and I'm glad you've shared it with us. 😃
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Wow, that's pretty awesome. Bishonen Sentai Seiraranger, anyone?
BLACKKBEARHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn. You make me wanna draw them like this now. 
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blackblood13Hobbyist Writer
I just about peed myself laughing. This is great, really, I was laughing because a very close friend and I talk about genderbending various animes we like, a Sailor Moon is on the top of that list.
I'm so linking her to this.
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That's cool! You should do the outer scouts too!
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YukiKage-chanHobbyist General Artist
Okay this is all types of awesome! Will you end up doing the Outer Sailors as well or is it just these guys?
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