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This piece is very old, but I decided to reupload it anyway.
Colored version of: [link]

I loved the rugrats growing up! That show raised me just as much as my parents did :D

Anyway here they are with a bit of a realistic spin to them. COLORED!!! lol
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Do you sell prints of this ?

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Why not showing all those little characters together, especially Suzie, Kimi, and Dil?

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It's soooo realistic! Congrats
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I've seen this picture several times and just noticed Susie, Dil, and Kimi in the background. 
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This is..... AMAZING!!!!! NICELY DONE!!!!!
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Very good picture. Really well done.
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This is intense is such an awesome way!
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Chucky looks so cute! Aw!
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This is really realistic
I'm not the only one who realized the twins" ears were different,from watching the show on hulu+!
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Maybe you can do Kimi, Dil, and Susie next time. :) This picture is incredible.
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Aawwww! Awmygosh, they're so cute I wanna hold them!!!
Babies are just a rare occasion for you. The last time I held a baby was in January 2014 when my family & I brought Emma, a piebald dachshund & Greta's real sister, home. She was so damn tiny! The last time I held a human baby was 13. When I was still doing violin, I actually had a nice teacher named Jennifer Tackling. She was pregnant & then gave birth to a boy named Oliver. He was so precious. When my mom was practicing cello, I'd hold Ollie in my arms. It was just such a wonderful feeling. Motherly.
If I ever adopt or find a surrogate, it'd be great to have a child I could call my own. Holding him or her in my arms while they rest their head on my chest. Not to go on, but you know what's great for women with perky breasts? Their breasts are therapeutic pillows for their offspring, making them feel warm, loved & secured. The mother just feels warm & motherly.
I'm gonna stop now, but seeing this picture made me think so much about how wonderful babies can be in life.
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The babies are sooooooo cute! 😊 And Angelica is adorable too!
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Noice work mate
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Angelica Pickles is supposed to be 3 year's old not 5.
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Does it matter? Lol
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I'm just letting the artist know that Angelica in the real rugrats pic looks about 5 or 6. Even though she's supposed to be three when Tommy and the gang are still baby's.
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No she looks her age. I work with 3 year olds.  Looks vary according to development and you can't aways determine the age of a child by looks alone.  
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Modern 3 year olds look more grown up because of the excessive makeup mom's put on their kid's these day's trying to make them look older. Back in the 90s parent's didn't try to make their kid's look older then they are.
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No.  Make up isn't on every 3 year old in the modern world.  Some kids just develop differently and look older for their age. I'd say hormones in certain foods might be a reason or too much hormone in the pregnancy stages while the child is developing.  But make up is not the answer to all.
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Yes more hormones too.
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Oh, the memories and it was such an intelligently written show. The 90s shows were the best. Kids these days don't know what good television is. Most iconic Klasky-Csupo show they made. It might be very old, but it's still very good.
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