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Rugrats 2013

whaddaya think?! Its strange to think that if the rugrats aged progressively, theyd all be in their twenties today. Some of them might even have rugrats of their own! 
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Isn't All Grown Up; already them?!!
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I love Susie!!!! The braids top it off for sure.
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Suzie looks nothing like Suzie here.
Oh, man! I don't think you could've nailed Dill (my favorite character, after Chuckie) any better :D This is so awesome!
God bless, and Happy New Year! :) - Ellie
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This is really good. Well done.
EUNSHIHAE's avatar
I love this!! This would be an awesome show if they looked like this! Beautiful work!
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OMG I love this pic I am a huge Rugrats fan and I love your interpretations of the characters especially my favorite Angelica this look totally fits her.
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Hi, IsaiahStephens! I'm a autistic 18-year old big-hearter dreamer by the name of Club-Dreamiverse! Nice, ultra-realistic pictures of the Rugrats, now all grown-up!
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Babies to Teens to Adults
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The twins though.
Tabacookie's avatar
Phillip & Lillian?(A.K.A Phil and Lil)
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Dude, 10/10 would f*** Dil. I love it so much, awesome job!
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That moment when you see Alicia Keys
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Pickles Inc. On Tommy's shirt LMAO I love it!!
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Best grown up Chuckie Finster. Hands down.
[I like the rest of them too of course:D (Big Grin) ]
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Maaaan Rugrats, yess! I haven't thought about them in ages. Love your grown up versions. Phil is totally the type to get a reptar tattoo, haha.
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Lil looks like Mabel from Gravity Falls xDD
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She really do look like herMabel Spinning Icon 
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Dill looks hot. :o (Eek) 
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Bruhhh Dill is so sexy!!
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Does Dill have a tongue ring? I can't tell! This is great btw! I LOVE Phil's reptar tattoo. Suits him SO well
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This is so dope I'm glad I finally found the creator of these drawing I hate how on Instagram people take artist work and scratch the watermark like it nothing smh keep drawing these are wonderful
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