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So Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a series of Disney characters if they went to Hogwarts! The images you see are what happens when an artist gets to mix two of his most favorite things!!

Here's unlikely Slytherin Snow White with the Mirror of Erised. What do you think you'd see?
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JoeMerl|Student Writer
Well, this is soul-crushing, so nice work, I guess. 

(Care to explain why you think she'd be a Slytherin? Certainly not what I would have assumed.)
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I'm seeing...(I'm seeing)
In the mirror of Erised...
A family...(A family)
Of my own...(My own.)

I'm wishing...(I'm wishing)
For a mother and father...
Who'll never leave me...(Never leave me)
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Good lyrics.
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This is very well done. Does that mean Snow's the Harry Potter of the world? My thinking is that you put her in Slythrin because no one one else would, but the hat did it to give Snow some ambition, back bone, and maybe change the reputation of the Slytherin house.
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This is (like all of your art) beautifully done! (Personally, I would picture Snow White being in Huffelpuff myself, as she seems a lot more down-to-earth, enjoys doing work just for the sake of getting it done right, and is generally friendly and welcome to everyone. (As long as they wash their hands before eating.)) However, like anyone with a head-cannon, it's just how I see it. I'm sure you have your own reasons for seeing her in Slytherine. (Or, is she seeing herself in that house in the mirror, when in fact, she's in a different house?)
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Such lovely art. I really like the design of her parents and the shining, magical glow around the mirror :D
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Pristine1281|Professional General Artist
Omg the feels!  I know what I'd see, but that's a secret because it's extremely personal.
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oh wow i'm loving this new series :D amazingly drawn :D
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And now I am sad.
Thaaaaaaaanks, Satan.

But no, this is an interesting concept! And Snow White in Slytherin? I'm intrigued!
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This is an interesting concept of what Snow White's parents would have looked like. :)
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KingofSummer|Hobbyist Artist
Inmy opinion, she'd be a Hufflepuff. She does, after all, seem to enjoy cooking.
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... Thanks for making me cry, dang...
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Slytherin, eh? Guess she takes after her stepmother, then?
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dragondoodle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such a neat concept!
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