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Gym Leader Elsa
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Published: January 26, 2014
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Poke-Disney Gym Leader Elsa

This was too fun to draw. definitely gonna draw more! What pokemon would you pair with Disney characters? 
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Elsa: The cold never bothered me and my Pokemon anyway. I'm gonna win and you will have to let your loss go.
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BulbaFriend|Student Traditional Artist
I can see Elsa with Articuno!
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Damej|Hobbyist General Artist
Snow White: forest Pokemon of all different kinds (7 of them?)
Cinderella: All the Bird Pokemon (because of the original Grimm fairytale)
Aurora/Sleeping Beauty: Thorn Pokemon, Dragon Pokemon & sleep-puff Pokemon (I know 1 of them does that but it's been too many years since I watched the cartoon)
Jasmine: Tiger-ish Pokemon (Raja) & small bird Pokemon 
Ariel: Aquatic, of course!
Rapunzle: A Horse-type & a chameleon-style Pokemon for her BFF's in the movie (maybe one covered in hair so you have to guess which end is which (because hair tricks)
Belle/Beauty & the Beast: Rose Pokemon? Great big hairy Pokemon? (Clock & candle Pokemon, do they have those?)
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Can you do Rapunzel or Snow White? Pretty Please?
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I'm being challenged by Elite Four Ariel
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SkyilereEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't recognize the pokemon that looks like its gonna crush a building if it doesn't gets pancakes...  It is a pokemon from Sinnoh or Kalos?

*Luv the style on Elsa and the cute fox mink coat.<3
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joeFJ|Professional Digital Artist
Well done. I love it
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CuriousStraydog|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes! Elsa alongside a Glaceon and Articuno! And along with Beartic, they'll kick some major butt! This is fricking awesome!
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he hee this is a fun concept!
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kevinvdvelden|Hobbyist General Artist
what elsa would say(assuming her gym is the ice castle)...Elsa: ''Welcome challenger so you've made it all the way to the let the battle begin...(when you defeat her):''well done you beat me. i'm not happy about that but i gotta let it go"(gives badge and tells the stuff) gives tm for ice beam
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karrybirdrulz|Student General Artist
Danm baby
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SilverthornRiverClan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yo should add lapras or maybe kyruem
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miku1215|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really wasted 10 minutes making suggesting all Disney princesses with pokemon...then my tab decides to stop plug in making me reload my page and all the work is gone.....
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Flip Beartic with Vanilluxe and you'd got her.
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iriskittenn|Hobbyist General Artist
May I have your permission to cosplay her please??
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i love how BADASS she looks! 
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Wow I love this. Elsa is my favorite character from Frozen.
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I love it!! :)
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Cool idea.
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i would pair hans with moltres hitmonlee and aegaslash also eevees my favorite pokemon and glaceons my favorite eeveelution and you should make link a eevee gym leader (i know links not from disney)
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This is amazing! Great crossover:)
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Could you please do Ariel? you could do a complete water type like the ice version with Elsa or a multitype like with Anna because she is a mermaid/human. Ideas for pokemon could be Krabby, magikarp , vaporeon, waillord, milotic (or feebas), piplup, greninga , oshawatt, Dewgong, winggull, spheal, skrelp or even manaphy or phione.
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DRAGONBOY81|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How about Alice and Aladdin?
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