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Gym Leader Anna

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Poke-Disney Gym Leader Anna

Unlike Elsa, I think Anna would have a good mix of Pokemon if she were a gym leader! What do you think? What pokemon would you pair with Disney characters?

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She'd be a kick-ass gym leader. :D
Ask-Professor-Layton's avatar
Anna: You might think you can beat my sister, but you can't beat me
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She's so cool! And these are a good choice!
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SkyilereHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool imagination. Well,possibly,Anna might be a Grass Type Gym Leader,since she's like the opposite of Elsa. Pretty cute,but I think she'll be more on the cute Normal types side.
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pelcogoHobbyist Digital Artist
seems like it would be unlikely that she would get grass types in such a cold environment I would think she would use either ice or normal types
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Your style is amazing! Great work!
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This is sooooo cool!
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WitchMacyHobbyist Writer
oooooooo awsome
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StarGazer596Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cool!!! Love this!! 😍😍😍
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I love these! I look forward to seeing more in this series! I'd like to see Aladdin and Jasmine, I feel like Jasmine would have Fire types XP And, of course, Belle and Ariel. Ariel should have Wingull!
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StrangerataruHobbyist Writer
Definitely see a Spring Sawsbuck myself, perhaps a Bronzong; Bellosom works perfect though.
ChelseyKnight88's avatar
Is there a way to buy these frozen/pokemon prints. My daughter is obsessed with both!
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CaldoRosaHobbyist General Artist
well done
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feathery-blue-otakuHobbyist General Artist
I thought Growlithe would be a good pokemon for anna-loyal, friendly, and fierce.
Linka-Neo's avatar
Linka-NeoHobbyist General Artist
Maleficent: Mawile, Noivern and Murkrow.

This is a great concept!
EsserfangGoneril's avatar
I would give Cruella De Ville a Furfrou, Tarzan a Darmanitan, Hercules a Bouffaulant, Anna a Dragonair, and Horace would probably use Rhyhorn while Jasper has Quagsire.
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More Disney/Pokemon crossovers
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optimisticxpessimistHobbyist General Artist
How does Anna not have a Ludicolo? lol. I'd imagine her having all the Pokemon that like to party haha xD And all the love-themed Pokemon.
piepieIe's avatar
elsawould have glaceon articuno lapris mamswine regiice and arourus
EsserfangGoneril's avatar
Please not Regiice. The other Pokémon sure, but not Regiice.
piepieIe's avatar
i think anna should have a flareon,pidgeot,megmanium,vaporeon,pikachu,and jigglypuff
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You say that Anna would have a good mix of Pokémon as a Gym Leader and yet you gave her two Grass-types. Oh well, I guess they suit her. I absolutely adore how cute she looks in this picture.
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