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Disney Halloween: Peter Pan

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Disney Halloween: Peter Pan as Link

_-Disney Halloween - The Guys-_
Aladdin as Ash Ketchum:
Flynn Rider as Marty McFly:
Beast as The Incredible Hulk:
Naveen as Jack Sparrow:
Peter Pan as Link:
Prince Eric, Florian, and Charming:
Prine Phillip as Indiana Jones:
John Smith as Johnny Bravo:
Li Shang as Mako: 
Quazimodo as Austin Powers:
Milo Thatch as The Doctor(Tennant):

View the rest of the series here:… AND here… !
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StarlingChild4's avatar
Okay but like..... Link is just Peter Pan in an alternative universe right??? 🤣 Awesome work! ❤
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
What with his pointed ears, this comparison was inescapable! :XD:
corssovermaster690's avatar
bolt as krytro the superdog
DangerMouseFan1981's avatar
Fun Fact: Link from "Legend of Zelda" was inspired by Disney's version of Peter Pan.
BreLangermann's avatar
yes the Legend of Zelda!
Ask-Professor-Layton's avatar
Request: can you draw Jim Hawkins as Oliver from Ni No Kuni? 

Then after that, can you draw Wendy's brothers, John and Michael dressed as Professor Layton and Luke Triton?
liana6748's avatar
Why is this tagged for mature content?
MSKM2001's avatar
Good crossover!  Peter Pan looks great as Link!
Chara04RBLX's avatar
Shigeru Miyamoto Got Inspiration From Peter Pan To Make Link. So Legend Of Zelda 1 and 2 Link Is Basically Peter pan ;)
ToaNova's avatar
10/10 Best picture of Pan cosplaying ever! ! X3
Ematar's avatar
Totally perfect- considering Link was modeled after Peter Pan 🤓
Cutekitty2424's avatar
Two things I love in a really good piece of art. Works for me!
Ask-Professor-Layton's avatar
Join me Peter, and I will make your face the greatest in Neverland! Or else you will die!

No! Not into the crocodile's mouth! It burns!
Katherine-Rebekah's avatar
I don't even play the Legend of Zelda and I know this is awesome. Good job! Peter would definitely pick Link for halloween. I can just see him being one of those kids that plays video games all day. :D 
SonicArt16's avatar
it is said that link's design was inspired by peter pan
twiinArmegaddon2's avatar
Legend of Peter...

Or Legend of Pan...

I like legend of Pan...
Ask-Professor-Layton's avatar
Legend of Wendy actually
Celtica-Jackson's avatar
LINK!!!! Just amazing!!! i love!
BreezyBadger's avatar
 Why is there brown on the blade?
AidenShield's avatar
Why is there a blotch of brown on the blade?
Robin William played Peter Pan in the movie ; "Hook" ...
and He called his daughter Zelda, because of the game ...
So Peter Pan dressed as Link, I think it's a wonderful
Mini811's avatar
I saw one from this series on DeviantArt's facebook page and now I'm just crazily clicking through the whole series! These are all spectacular!
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