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Disney Halloween: Naveen

Disney Halloween: Prince Naveen as Captain Jack Sparrow

_-Disney Halloween - The Guys-_
Aladdin as Ash Ketchum:
Flynn Rider as Marty McFly:
Beast as The Incredible Hulk:
Naveen as Jack Sparrow:
Peter Pan as Link:
Prince Eric, Florian, and Charming:
Prine Phillip as Indiana Jones:
John Smith as Johnny Bravo:
Li Shang as Mako: 
Quazimodo as Austin Powers:
Milo Thatch as The Doctor(Tennant):

View the rest of the series here:… AND here… !
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Oh my god! Hot Naveen :)

StarlingChild4's avatar
Honestly??? This fits so well lmao 🤣 Talk about umping up the hotness points 😍😍
Raqalien's avatar
THIS IS PERFECTION. my heart leaps.
Omnifighter1's avatar
Capt-! oh wait. :D
Listoric's avatar
He looks almost exactly like Hook from Once Upon a Time. Which is great because I just love Once Upon a Time :P
RoguishOne's avatar
LOL! This is priceless! :excited:

Captain Jack Sparrow is such a hilarious character! He really matches with Naveen's devil-may-care personality! Perfect addition to my favorites list! :+fav: :lol:
AnnieMadeIt21's avatar
Arr you sure that they're not the same person?
(BTW, arr was totally not on purpose :) )
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
Wait, you sure that's Naveen, not JacK?
tultsi93's avatar
Wow, this is great!
MoonLiteMagic45's avatar
Disney characters dressed as other Disney characters... I'd say brilliant or disney-inception, whichever works! :thumbsup:
JackunzelLuver's avatar
Epic!! LOVE IT! Jack Sparrow is like my fav character of all time!XD
chibimariana's avatar
indhi's avatar
woah! way too cool!!!!
Saronai's avatar
Love it, but no offense, he looks more like a tanned Duke from Haven...who also dressed up like a pirate in one episode hehe.  It's definitely the long face and big roguish smile <3

I will always see a cartoon Duke here, rather than Naveen lol.
MykkieMassacre's avatar
Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who saw this! 
Saronai's avatar
:D  I think it's hard not to see Duke here hehe.  He pegged that big, toothy, roguish grin and attitude.
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
XD That's cheating Naveen!
RomanceFreak's avatar
:drool: Dang Naveen, you look fine! 
LiberLibelula's avatar
ShylaBlu's avatar
Such an appropriate costume for him! Haha
animegirl804's avatar
Jack Sparrow is Disney too, though XD
BluRose17's avatar
LOL! Their personalities could almost go hand in hand. I like this!
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