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Disney Halloween: Megara

as Catwoman

.::.:..Disney Halloween - Set 2 (The Non Princesses)..:.::.
Alice Liddell as Buffy Summers -
Charlotte La Bouff as the Mighty Morphin' Pink Ranger -
Megara as Catwoman:
Jane Porter as Lara Croft:
Sally Skellington as Raven:
Giselle as Daphne Blake:
Esmeralda as Michonne:
Nedakh as Storm:
Tinkerbell as Beatrix Kiddo:
Wendy as Princess Leia:

View the rest of the series here:… AND here… !
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DAMN that is Gorgeous!!  Fantastic mashup!! LOVE IT!!
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
She makes a good Catwoman. :D
jeana1's avatar
Oh yeah!
Megara looks good as Catwoman!
Disney-Fan1999's avatar
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Great match and great work!
THenkle61's avatar
zaco21's avatar
NIce, very nice!
surfercajun1's avatar
Would totally believe this...
Jjaga's avatar
These are cool!
PrincepsTenebris's avatar
Oh... my... God... I... I... I won't say I'm in love. Great artwork!
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LuvLuvG1981's avatar
If she didn't have the mask, she'd look similar to Black Widow. :3
Nerd-XMan06's avatar
Yeah, if only she had dyed her hair red, then it would uncanny. If you know what I mean?!?!
ArcSpartan009's avatar
Have you ever thought of doing Elsa from Frozen as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat?
LiteraryPirate's avatar
I love them all. But I have to say, I think this one is my favorite. I love Catwoman, although Aurora is pretty awesome too. :)
HellionScythe's avatar
rudwiiu200's avatar
Mickey as iorn man
blindfaith311's avatar
A great blend of two engaging characters. Well done!
foxdieinfected's avatar
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The most perfect to be Catwoman yeah:D (Big Grin) 
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