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Disney Halloween: Beast

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Disney Halloween: Beast as The Hulk

_-Disney Halloween - The Guys-_
Aladdin as Ash Ketchum:
Flynn Rider as Marty McFly:
Beast as The Incredible Hulk:
Naveen as Jack Sparrow:
Peter Pan as Link:
Prince Eric, Florian, and Charming:
Prine Phillip as Indiana Jones:
John Smith as Johnny Bravo:
Li Shang as Mako: 
Quazimodo as Austin Powers:
Milo Thatch as The Doctor(Tennant):

View the rest of the series here:… AND here… !
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👏👏👏 I APPROVE OF THIS!!! Especially considering they both still have their humanity ❤
DinoLover09's avatar
I would've him the Beast from X-Men.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
You won't like him when he's angry.
jeana1's avatar
Perfect Match!

Besides, this makes me think of the Beast in the film, wrecking his original photo of himself in the prologue of 'Beauty and the Beast' [Link].
whovianfangirl23's avatar
Aspenhold's avatar
If Beast were the Hulk would that make Thor Simba?
R-gonz's avatar
Not bad!

How about Disney's Hercules as Marvel's Thor?
RoseStarDragonMP3's avatar
Would make sense because they are both gods
ReaverPan's avatar
Epic awsome ^^
Meilandt's avatar
the amount of hair dye xD RIP
PrincessBLARITY's avatar
Wyzewun's avatar
Your work is amazing!
chausseeca's avatar
Belle need as Betty hulk girlfriend
Leonheart27's avatar
Awesome! I think this a good choice for beast. 
JohnSpartan1982's avatar
Nice but i think he is better as X-Men's beast and Wreck it as Hulk
Kereea's avatar
I take it Lumiere put some dye in the bathwater?
LeDarkness1's avatar
YES! This fits Beast perfectly! XD
cereflame's avatar
love this the best
maybe sully as the thing?
Kooky4U's avatar
The Beast has just gotten 10 times more badass.
MarissaSunshine's avatar
thormanoftunder's avatar
Should not The Beast be as Dr. McCoy (The Beast from X-Men)?
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