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Beautiful Body Types

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I was recently criticized for not showing enough diversity in my artwork when it comes to the female figure :/ First and foremost let me just say that I think that women are some of the most powerful and amazing creatures in the world, truly! And while I will admit, I do LOVE drawing the "pear shaped" figure the most, I honestly love all shapes and sizes of the female figure. From average, to pear, to boyish, to curvy, to plus sized, to petite, to banana (whatever the hell that is :P) I honestly love them all, and i'd hate to think that anyone out there feels any different.

So thus-ly, I promise to start showing more diversity in my works :)

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:bulletblack:Standard Sketch paper

This is a pencil drawing cleaned up in photoshop
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MaxPowerX5's avatar
Yeah, yeah. How beautiful it is to accept ourselves as we are ... Too bad that some of those bodies will not live more than 40 years due to a heart attack.
Some people really love to normalize obesity, right?

That said, I love the drawing style.
Thick-Fella's avatar

💕a bevy of beauty indeed💕

Boobie-watcher's avatar
Well sorry that you hate it so much, but I certainly don't love "all body types" equally. Indeed several pictured here seem unattractive and downright unhealthy.
ctp555's avatar
Inspiring. I love it!!
I love pictures like this. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I find all shapes and sizes beautiful and this depiction is awesome.
I really love this...Beautiful!!!!
MinxKenocha's avatar
nothing at all wrong with liking what you like...
cobalt225's avatar
Girl with the U on her stomach has one hell of a frigged up foot.
Soragirl6's avatar
I'm definitely F. XD
CrybabyKitsune's avatar
I am B's body style and F's height lol
Kornflaker's avatar
Nice Message! realy cool!
Jeufufns's avatar
Don't make concessions to these people, they will just force you to make more
tombola1993's avatar
The typography definitely speaks for itself.
GregSkrtic's avatar
Nike-Vogue by GregSkrtic  

you should add that your drawing was maybe inspired by a NIKE ad campaign from 25 years ago that ran in British VOGUE, Rolling Stone, and other magazines.
Cobrat-Cobrat's avatar
peacelovehalstewart's avatar
Your goddess find you beautiful too.which is I.👑
PlanetAMV's avatar
You know, I don't want to sound like an ass, ah, fuck it, who cares, I'm not an asshole, but the L is just unhealthy, not saying it's not beautiful, but still, unhealthy.
Besides that a nice drawing you made, I just don't agree with the message this picture gives me, if it is the same message as the artist intented.
Soragirl6's avatar
Sorry, are you a doctor?  That is not necessarily an unhealthy body weight, especially depending on her height. Whether its healthy depends on genetics and other factors involving the internal organs as well. But you wouldn't know that because apparently you have no medical background except your own personal opinions on what is healthy and what is not.  I suppose you think A is really healthy, even though she is extremely skinny.  That just may be too skinny for her...but yet you said nothing about the anorexic looking women in this picture. I tell you what.  Why don't you first get medical education then come back in a few years and try to say something that doesn't reveal how idiotic you really are. Ok?
PlanetAMV's avatar
1. I'm not a doctor, but I do have internet access.
2. maybe.
3. Correct, height does matter, but I assume that these people are supposed to be part of "healthy" people who don't have any rare disease which makes it "impossible " to lose or gain weight.
4. genetics have a part in obesity, but:

"Sequence variations within a pool of 56 different genes have been reported as being related to obesity phenotypes, however, only ten of those genes showed positive results in at least five different studies."
In brief, current knowledge brings to the conclusion that genetic factors may be involved in the etiology of obesity and, exclusive of very rare severe obesity cases, the genes involved are probably genes that interact with environment factors related to energy intake and expenditure to increase the risk of obesity."

5. Does someone need a medical background to know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?
6.You suppose, you assume, but at the end, you don't know what I think about "A"'s body type, but yeah I would put her somewhere close to being underweight, but maybe she just has an athletic body type.
7. You expect me now to study medicine, wow, halt. I may be Asian, but I'm no cliché. What are you? Some kind of racist? /s
8. Well, I'm not smart, but I wouldn't consider myself stupid/idiotic. I mean did I assume you are stupid or idiotic?
I don't know you, you don't know me, I don't know your education, you don't know mine.

But hey, today it's okay to assume everyone's intellect based on one comment which is to rows long :/
Soragirl6's avatar
You missed the entire point.  1.) You cannot determine whether someone is obese by size alone.  Yes if the person is 600 pound that is obese, but a fat person is not necessarily obese, which you failed to comprehend. 2.) You did in fact ignore the EXTREMELY skinny women in the picture and tried to use "health" as your excuse to discriminate.  If you were really concerned about that, then why not criticize the extremely skinny girls in the picture?  Yyou assume she's athletic, but how can you assume the big boned girl is not?  My step sister is extremely athletic and yet she is much thicker than me.  That is my point; you are using health as an excuse when really you're just anther shallow idiot.  

You're Asian? No surprise.  They tend to equate "skinniness" with health which is why their women look like sticks in those countries.  But are they necessarily healthy? Not really.

Again, if what you say is ignorant people will assume you're ignorant.  If what you say is biased ad shallow, people will assume you're biased and shallow. Simple as that.
PlanetAMV's avatar
1. I never said you can determine obesity by size alone, but comparing body build with their height I can get somewhat of an image where they would be categorized.
2. "[You] assume she's athletic..." nope I did not I actually said I would put her close to being underweight, but maybe she is just athletic, I acknowledged the possibility of her being underweight, but you seem to ignore that statement. again, the artist also doesn't seem to draw any details which suggest that any of the skinny women are actually underweight and even if the artist did so, I would also say that it's unhealthy.
3. Now apparently me being Asian answers all your question about me and my opinions about body types, again you assume shit about me. I don't like women who are too skinny, I don't like women who are obviously too fat. 
What exactly is ignorant about the things I said? what is supposedly biased and shallow?
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