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All Grown Up: Recess

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I identified with Gretchen as an Awkward Tall Girl so much. They all look perfect!
Soragirl6's avatar
Do Filmore please! I've been dying to see it!
ArtsofDeanna's avatar
Oh Yesss please! I agree
KingShisa08's avatar
Damn Gus got crazy gains!
MikaelHart's avatar
I really enjoyed your interpretation of these characters. Great job; keep up the good work!
Lightstroke94's avatar
LOL, TJ's an all-star… :D

MariaJose21's avatar
Gus grew up damn!
PencilFromCydonia's avatar
Mikey's the hipsterest of them all, lulz.
kyaanii's avatar
bless u for this
accurate af
DreamPhotoLove's avatar
Recess was one of my favorite shows growing up! :) 
Kasha-Kitten's avatar
I really like this a lot. Nice job.
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not to be a bother or whatnot, but i don't really see the original designs translating into what you chose to design them as.  I do see many similarities, but the recess characters were drawn in a very cartoony way that showed off some of the main features that a lot of kids would feel bad about, but then they saw a show that showed them and made it seem okay.  Most importantly Gretchen, who had buck teeth and was as thin as a pole, and TJ who was somewhat overweight, and Spinelli was super aggressive but didn't look too girly other than her lips, and Gus was this little "shrimp" looking kid and people made fun of him but he overcame it. I can understand you making a drawing of them later in their lives, but in grade school they certainly looked awkward, and for me that was the drawing point of recess, that you didn't have to look fantastic to be considered as someone who could change anything, or be a primary character so to speak. Mickey was heavy set and had a belly but here he just looks like a buff guy.  That definitely takes away from a lot of experiences that he had as a kid.  Most of these models look like expectations we already see, not like poor kids trying to show their peers that they are just as awesome as they are.  The drawings are cool, but the point is moot.
Soragirl6's avatar
Did you miss Mikey's belly?  He's still fat in the picture.  He's just older.
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Didn't you used to have backstories of the characters in the description or am I thinking of something else?
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This is awesome!
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Minor Plot twist; Gus is Captain America and T.J. is Iron Man
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T^T it's AWESOMeWaaaah! 
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I always knew that he was going to join the army.
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Do you have any idea how awesome your artwork is? All these 90's and early 00's shows are bringing back so many feels. I love it, i love it, i love it!!!Heart Love 
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I remember that show on toon Disney 
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Spinelli and Gus are my favorites in this piece.
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