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All Grown Up: Kids Next Door

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I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right begind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?

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Ahh... nostalgia

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Awesome picture!
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How can they fight adults now?
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Just seeing them like this just makes my life complete, BEAUTIFUL 
ZombieFighter116's avatar
Daaaaamn Numbuh 5!!!
UndisputedAttitude's avatar
So Numbuh 1 is the Hitman huh?
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they should now be called
grown-ups next door
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Wallabee reminds me of a Street Fighter or Tekken character lol. Nice art btw. 👍
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oh my god this looks sick!!
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wow, pitbull's new album looks amazing!, but numbuh 4 looks badass! :D
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numbuh 4 ironfist
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Wow, this new Pitbull album looks amazing
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You people need to come up with better jokes, because they're far more embarrassing to read than they are funny. I know none of you have any shame--let alone a genuine sense of humor beyond repeating crap you saw somewhere else--but this is ridiculous.
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Damn, they look badass. Especially Numbuh 1
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Cartoon vs reality
kibachica's avatar
Please can you do: Avatar the last airbender, johnny bravo, johnny test, teen titans, chalkzone, or cyberchase?
JoaoRomeuMartins's avatar
Some else remembers cyberchase, i tought this day would never come.
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Number 1 kind of looks like Agent 47 from hitman!
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