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All Grown Up: Doug

An updated version! I Added more characters

Connie, Chalky, Beebe, Judy, Patty, Doug, Skeeter, Roger, Ned, Boomer, and Willie!
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I love this show . Excellent work .
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This was my favorite show
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Wow they all look great whoever drew them did an awesome job can you draw Judy and Roger together
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For some reason, Doug as an adult looks like the main character from the game Bully.
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does doug look like jimmy hopkins to anyone else…
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Haha I was thinking the same thing XD :D (Big Grin) 
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I love how Judy looks!
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Judy's outfit looks beautiful and so does Connie's, Beebe's and Patty's. :D
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Doug looks like Jimmy Hopkins from Bully... Nice!
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omg you're right! They look so similar
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I was just about to say that!!! haha
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OH MY GOD!!!! I just noticed that!!!! XD
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one of my favorite shows as a kid. 
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Oh my gosh everyone looks good! Amazing work Clap 
Doug looks really handsome! (:
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Judy and Roger are probably my favorites here...which I think says something for my aesthetics, since I have gravitated towards the only two people wearing mostly black. ^_^ I love it!
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Am I the only one who actually shipped them?
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This is great !!
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The wonderful thing about fanart is you're able to meld your own personal style with that of the original work. This is something some people have decided to ignore.

I applaud this! It's very well done and reflects your own, personal style as an artist. I love this rendition of the characters I know and love because it's different and it's your own. Well done. :)
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