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Im in need for a Core Membership
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  • Sep 17, 2002
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My Bio

Hi~! ^W^ Isaiah R. Ortiz / Isaiah Burgana or just "Isaiah" for short

-----------------------------💜Stuff about me💜------------------ 17, Goth 💀, Furry🐾, Dogion 🐶🦁, Gamer🎮, Nerd👓, Cartoonist/Animator 🎨 Japanese EnthusiastFlag of Japan , Lover of Obsurce and Lost Media, JRPG Fanatic, Avid shopper at Hot Topic, Huge KH Fan:soranoes: , Otaku, ----------------------------------------------------------- Sexual Orientation/ Gender - Mini Flag - Bisexual Homoromantic ((Request)) Project 5x5: Demi-homosexual Mini Flag / Mini Flag - Cisgender ((Commission)) Prefer Pronouns - Mini Pixel - He/Him Pronouns ver. 2

Dating Status - Single , but not currently looking at the moment -------------------------------------------------------- Also , don't ask me about my username it was made during my YTP phase back in 2016 >> --------------------------------------My Shit-----------

My Switch Friend Code: SW-5698-9171-4894

My 3DS Friend Code: 1736-3220-3052

My PSN Username: SF2002

My YouTube Channel…

My Google+ Account…

My Facebook Account…

My Twitter Account

My Discord 💚 I S A I A H B U R G A N A💜#9482

My Skype Account Name: Isaiah Ortiz83

My VidLii Account:

My RetroJunk Account:… ---------------------------------💜Likes💜-------------------------- Doggo's, Lions, Drawing, Cartoon's, Anime, Video Games, Talking to Friends, Twitter, Discord, Hot Topic, Music, Vaporwave, Swords, JRPG's, Dark Humor, Satair, Animals, Old Music, -----------------------------------💢Hates💢-------------------------- Bronies, SJW's, Feminist and Menist, Anti-Furs, Emo's, Eboy's and Egirl's, R34, NSFW stuff, Vydon/GoAnimate, Plotagon, Grounded Video's/Punishment/Concussion Time video's Modern Music, Fornite, KPOP, Manchild's and Womenchild's, TransTrenders, Hipsters, -----------------------------------------------------------

<a href=""><img src="" alt="My birthday badge" /></a>

Favourite Visual Artist
Richard Williams, Walt Disney, Kirbopher, Tatsuya Namoura, Tim Burton,
Favourite Movies
BettleJuice, Nightmare Before Chirstmas Coraline, Ready Player One, Poltergiest (1980), Totro, Sprited Away, Thief and The Cobbler, Conjuring 2, Child's Play 2 and Child's Play remake,
Favourite TV Shows
Anything Lost Media Related, Daria, Wonder Showzen, Sooty, FLCL, FMA, Astro Boy, Kimba The White Lion, Invender Zim, 12 Forever, Yu-Gi-Oh season 0, Akauzin Chacha,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
There Might Be Giants, Tears for Fears, MCR, Evansecen's, every Vaporwave Music, GreenDay, Liken Park Micheal Jackson, Diana Ross, Mary J, Hikaru Utada, Marylin Manson, Good Charolett, AFI,
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Touhou, Panel da Pon, Suikoden, World Ends with You, Puyo Puyo, Voculoid games, Persona, Parappa The Rapper, Okage Shadow King, Dangaronpoa
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
FireAlpaca, a littlebit of Paint.Net and MS Paint
Other Interests
Shopping at Hot Topic, Being Goth, Drawing, Watching TV and Netfilx and YT, Trolling sometimes, making meme's,

Moving on...

Moving on...

Hi everybody, I know it's been a while since I've posted anything on this account, but I have been thinking and deciding, and I have come to this decision, I'm no longer gonna be posting art on DA. Now, that doesn't mean, I'm gonna delete my DA account, I'm mostly gonna keep it up as an archive of my old work, but yeah there's no longer gonna be new drawings uploaded here. As for my reason for leaving DA, here are the reasons. 1 - I'm no longer 13, 14, 15 or 16, or a kid as a whole anymore, currently 17 soon gonna be 18 in September. 2 - I've matured since then, and I'm no longer that edgy 13 / 14-year-old Gobrat who loved making YTP's and was super cringe. 3- this place has given me both good and bad memories, but I do love I got to talk and made so many good fans, followers, friends and more, I thank you all~! ^W^ 4 - I no longer need DA to show my artwork or other stuff because I have other platforms to do that. 5 - lost in interest of the site. 6 - focusing on my schooling and
I know, I know this might seem like a plug-in for a discord server, but fuck it I made a new one to replace my OG one since no joined at all and it was fucking died for a while so, here it is "NOTE" ( if you don't want to join the server that's fine ...

Just a little reminder

Just a little reminder

Just let you guys know I'm still doing SSBU Stock Icon Head Request just send me a message or comment on the tweet or DM me and I'll do your request as long as it's not a character I hate or want me to do one of someone I hate like (Mjeddy, Jeffy, Wade and James from Leaving Neverland Dora, Caillou, Chole from FOP DEAD MEME CHARACTER'S I don't like)

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