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Did you ever want to watch me smash the UNDO button to death? Well, brace yourselves, because now you can:

Give it some love:

Do you remember that animation my friend Grant and I wrote last year?

Great news, there's another episode coming out in a few days!

We're planning a Q&A as well, so if you have any questions just leave them here or on Grant's update video [link] and we will answer them in a Q&A video!
I've been working on this with a friend for the past 2 months, check it out:

This may come as a shock to you, but I've never really had a proper sketchbook and never ever "completed" one. I want to though.
So, how do I overcome my fear of... I don't even know what it is - failure maybe? How do I just draw one page after the other without thinking about how shitty every drawing is? Help?
I got a few more comics in production stay tuned :>
I'll be gone from animation stuff for a while, see you soon and love ya
tagged by :iconneogenki:

Name: isa

Star Sign: gemini

Average hours of sleep: 4-10

Lucky number:

Last thing I Googled: is my heating haunted or why does it turn on in the middle of the night

When I made this account and why: I saw the featured artists on DA's main page 7 years ago and wanted to be like them.

Amount of watchers: 442

What I post: animations, characters, animated comics

Blog posts: memes, travel & personal stuff

Comments: 4454 or like did you want a comment on something? uh... Carthage must be destroyed.

Why I chose this username: it used to be Isywood, then isywood and now it's just my name cause I grew old and boring.

Other: none


:iconnahemii: :iconswferino: :iconaetherny: :iconsobbing-jester: :iconsellue: :iconcherryisland: :iconlootennant: :icondoc-earnhardt:

maybe you can add some more saucy questions, so far they're pretty plain haha
Sup, partypeople?
I updated my showreel, take a look:
by :iconjimbury:, thanks bro

1. What do you think, why do Slavic people squat?
I didn't know this was a thing, so I looked it up. But all I can wonder about is why they all wear Adidas sweatsuits.

2. What's the last book you read and any details that you would like to share?
For years I've only been reading fanfiction now and... lol nope.

3. Spaghetti or Pizza?
Definitely Pizza, but there is also Pizza Pasta for those who can't decide.

4. Do you think that blood group affects our diets?
I have never thought about it.

5. Should weed be legalized?
I don't really care, do what you want kids.

6. If you could have any exotic pet out there and remove their fragile picky or demanding nature, what it would be?
A bat. :>

7. Ever had an anime phase?
When I was like 12ish, but it was only the classics, Sailor Moon/DBZ/etc.

8. Did you watch a movie called Taxidermia(2006)?
No, but I think Google gives me a pretty good impression.

9. Do you think that art academies are just pretending to be elite?
Depends on the art academy, I guess. I never went to a proper one. They could have secret space programs for all I know.

10. If your body was like a clay, would you change something on it?
That would be a rather impractical body really. I guess I would make myself way more athletic, ha.

11. Why you art in the first place.
When I was a child I liked to make up stories in my head and art was a way to express them way before I learned to write.

12. Do you think shipping your oc with someone else is okay?
Shit, yes. People taking that great of an interest in one of my characters to ship them would be awesome.

> I can't think of 12 questions now, sorry... So no tagging today, but feel free to do this regardless, ok?
Going to send out applications now:

Also new portfolo:
Oh my god guys, did you see what :iconwooleyworldhq: made for my birthday??!
Bip Bop Isabell (Happy Birthday) by WooleyWorldHQ
Thanks to :iconatadmad: for tagging me and thus reviving my spirits!

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Retroman motion graphics by isagross    RM Concept by isagross

1) When I first designed him he actually looked very different. He had grey hair with silver strands and was generally more mature. But I soon realized that a younger, quirkier version would fit way better. 
2) He tries to more or less successfully continue the legacy of his late grandfather:
Legacy by isagross
3) He has a super secret birth name.
4) He is really nice but a bit awkward in person, because he only ever goes out to fight crime, rescue kittens or present his newest inventions to the world as his alter ego Retroman. 
5) He has an arch enemy we haven't seen yet. I'm planning on someday making an animation around said mysterious counterpart though.
6) He is a natural red head.
7) His only friend is the police inspector, sometimes they have tea parties.
8) He may or may not have a cameo in my bachelor project I have been posting stuff from for the past year.

! I tag everyone who'd like to do this as well !
(Just pick your favorite character and have a go)

:iconsobbing-jester: :iconwooleyworldhq: :iconluchovolke: :iconlootennant: :iconaetherny: :iconnahemii: :iconbrunorust: :iconsellue: :iconzalinki:

I made this for the showcase at my university and won free tickets to the cinema yay!
Many thanks to :iconzalinki: for the audio :)
Look at that, I made a guest comic for (nearly literally) ages ago and it was finally uploaded today:…

Today’s guest Stairwell comic is brought to you by my Isywood!
Submit your own guest comic. Details here.

Getting back on the guest comic train with this one from Isywood!
Hey, people!

I want to make some character designs for my portfolio. I want them to be completely original. So, if you want to help me out write a really short description of any character you just imagined off the top of your head in the comments. I will choose about 5 and make some variations within the month of January. Your comment will be put into the corner. Here's a bad example:

Retrodesign by isagross
(Ehm, yeah those designs don't really vary, I know)

Keep it short and succinct!
  • Listening to: Gorillaz
  • Reading: The ingredients on a can of coke
  • Watching: You guys
  • Eating: Clementines
  • Drinking: Cranberry juice
So, the Art Director of Blue Byte, an Ubisoft studio in my city, comes to my Uni on wednesday to check out our showreels. We all got like 5mins with him. He's a busy bee.
We've made a tour of the studio some weeks ago and they were totally hyped for us and we for them. Such nice people.
Anyway here's the reel I prepared:

  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: You guys.
  • Eating: Too much
  • Drinking: Water