Eden of The East-Sinners Calls

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Literature Text

I saw you in Heaven
and heard of your glory
You saved our world from the fallen angels
I saw Messiah standing,
Standing before me with no words
Nothing but "Hope".
When we lost dread, a Demon was laughing
But now you are showing us wonder
Giving your love
With awe, down on my knees again
I've got to know you're the one,
The only one reveals the world

The King has come!
To lighten up our feet
The King has come!
To save us from the dark
Who could ever doubt? We have faith

Let me walk with you when I'm lost in the wild
I know you always lead me to another Eden
Let me bless your name, O Lord, O Lord!
Your words will never fade away
Since we believe you're the light on earth
Reveals the world
(c)Higashi no Eden|Eden of The East
Production I.G|Kenji Kamiyama

it's from the lines at its opening scenes, and I surprised when it sang by Oasis with Falling Down :glomp:

The most wanted anime of the year, maybe~

see and comment, please~ x3
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reveal the world
by Brenda Vaughn is the song at the end.