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Watching You...

The idea of Yue, as the Moon Spirit, watching over Sokka, during the rest of his life...and Sokka, knowing that Yue, the girl he loved is up there as the moon, is incredibly romantic for me. Specially since, considering how short lived their romance was, it's obvious that she has left a deep mark on him.

Besides, Yue needs more love. I don't understand the Yue hate. I understand that people may not agree with her and would have never acted like she did were they in her place, but she was very selfless and I don't think it's fair to hate her for that, and for being devoted to her Tribe and her father.

That's where this comes from. Moon Spirit Yue looking at Sokka, while he is still in his youth, and Sokka looking at Yue, in his old age. Originally it was going to be two separate panels, but I thinks this softer transition looks better. Overall, this was a challenge for me. I had never colored water...and I'm not good at backgrounds, but i suppose practice is the only thing that's going to get me better.

I'm sorry for the rather ugly coloring...Although, I hope you may be able to enjoy it.

Completely digital, using PSP X.
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no the coloring is awsome! excellent job1 it just adds effect to it!
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This is incredibly gorgeous and bittersweet. And the water is beautiful, btw!
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Thanks! I think I could do much better now than I did when I drew this, but I'm glad you think it looks nice.
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^_^ If you do better now, I'm definitely going to have to stalk your gallery. ;p
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Haha, thanks again.
Starlit-Masquerade's avatar
This is very beautiful! I love it. I don't understand the Yue hate either. She's one of my favorite characters. It's a very soft and powerful piece of art.
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Thank you very much for the nice comment and the fav!
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No problem! It is an awesome piece of art.
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Why have I not faved this yet. xO

*does so*
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one word...


ok more... I love it... I loved this ship... it makes me cry when I see this... but in a good way... so deep
cReBz-wUrlD's avatar
aww this is gorgeous. I love the details, especially the bottom half's design.
As for Yue, I've always loved her character. I don't understand how anyone can bash her either :(
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Thank you very much!
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That is gorgeous. I loved Yue, and Yuokka, and I wish she didn't die but it shows how much she sacrificed for the world (like giving up Sokka) BTW, it's very pretty, and you did an excellent job with the water, ya silly goose! :lol: :highfive:
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Very nice. Yue's a pretty good character...and I love the idea of her watching over and protecting Sokka and his family as the years go by. It's a very interesting mental image. I love the coloring here...the water looks gorgeous despite what you say. Great job....a very nice piece!
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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it.
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Old!Sokka owns... I love it. The transition is beautiful.
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Thank you! thanks for telling me what you liked about it! <3

Old!Sokka is very interesting to me.
avatar-is-life's avatar
this is great, and the colorings not bad! btw, i agree, their story is really really romantic
IsabelStar's avatar
Thank you!

Yeah, it is. Sokka does get interesting stories with the ladies. <.<
avatar-is-life's avatar
def, he's such a little pimp! but that's y we luv him, rite? :D
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