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Hey there everyone, sorry for the very vague and short journal posts so far but in all honesty I've barely had time to myself all that much lately and I got an hour or two and decided it was about time to clean up this place.

If you haven't already noticed, some deviations may be missing or moved around and there are a couple new folders. That's because I finally got off my ass and decided to reorganize the gallery and I realized there are a lot of things that were submitted that I don't approve of. So I'm going to be a bit more professional this time around and detail more concise rules for every contributor to keep in mind.

Note that this is not an immediate call to an immediate problem like the last two announcements. This was just a pattern I noticed and I'd like to avoid it in all future submissions.

Submission Rules:

1.) Stolen or ripped renders/art/or the like

I do not care if they are given permission to reuse the content they are taking or not. Submitting a deviation with various stolen/ripped elements with no creative/original spin or value to it is unacceptable. If someone using ripped 3D assets with permission uses them in an original piece of art, then it is acceptable to submit. However, if it is a piece of digital drawn artwork, then the answer is no. I do not care if it is used in a custom background assortment or collage. It's not allowed.

2.) Traced art

Now I'm not opposed to the idea of copying certain assets if you're really not used to drawing them such as hands or inanimate objects or something to that effect. However when the art is just a blatant trace of someone else's work or even of an official Nintendo art piece, it will not be permitted. Tracing like that is not art, it is a form of art theft and will be treated as such.

3.) 3D Renders, SFM, and Smash screenshots

You are allowed to submit a Smash screenshot with Isabelle in it so long as it's not just a random photo of her standing still or waving against a random background. Sometimes Smash screenshots can be very funny when you take them at the right moment and I will allow it so long as there's more than just "Isabelle is there so it's cute" going on.

Also, SFM, MMD, and other 3D models of the like are allowed as well. Including ZIP files containing the model. However, when submitting an original render, you're going to have to make sure the person actually rendered it themselves. Elsewise, I am going to have to assume it is ripped/stolen without permission. Also, deviations of Isabelle's Smash model over a generic stage background is not an acceptable submission either and will be denied.

4.) Lewd content

I have nothing personal against lewd, sexual, or suggestive content. However that's not the kind of content I'm willing to allow on this club. I will judge what's too inappropriate based on the content I see, but I think it should go without saying that Isabelle being posed in a purposefully overt sexual position, being given overly-exaggerated large breasts, or making exaggerated lewd facial expressions are all prohibited submissions.

This has been a consistent enough problem as you could probably tell from my last two journals, so submitting content I deem to cross this line results in an instant ban from the club, and you will be blocked. You will not be tolerated the excuse of "I didn't know" either. This is the third time I'm addressing this, and the last.

Sidenote: Anthro Isabelle on it's own does not qualify as lewd content so long as it's not overly inappropriate in intent and content.

5.) Stamps

There are one or two exceptions to this, but overall: Stamps are prohibited. They're not art, they're over saturated and unoriginal.

6.) Gifs and animations

Gifs and animations are allowed. I actually encourage it.

7.) Memes

Memes are acceptable as long as the assets in the picture are original.

If you know of any deviation in the group that violates any of these rules, please, please, PLEASE notify me right away by sending me a note to my personal account as well as a link to the deviation you're concerned about. I'm very flustered and I'm sure I didn't possibly clear out everything that does not fall in line with these rules. And forgive me if I do not respond immediately, I'm in the middle of a move atm and I might not be online for a determinate amount of days during the week for a while.

Thank you for your understanding everyone, and have a nice night.
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