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Name: Arin
Nicknames: Air-in-Shortz
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Brown/green
Hair color: brown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: no comment. =P
Someone you look like: Myself?
Right or Left Handed: both
Right or Left Footed: ?
Sexual Orientation: straight
Piercings/Tattoos: ears…. Ish…
How many siblings: 1
Oldest, Middle, Youngest: Oldest
Pets: none
Could you make a dollar in change right now?: prolly

Kind of pants: jeans
Number: 3
Color: PURPLE!!!!!
Animal: Penguin
Drink: water?
Sports: Soccer
Season: spring
Juice: apple
Cartoon Character: no idea…
Scent: vanilla
Time of the Day: evening

Bungee Jumped?: Nope
Sky Dived?: Nope
Made yourself throw-up?: No
Gone skinny dipping?: No, kinda want to though…
Eaten a dog?: O.o'
Ever liked somebody that you didn't have a chance with?: nah
Been in a mosh-pit?: Nope
Been on radio/television?: Nope
Been in a porno?: um…no
Been high?: on life =P
Been drunk?: don't drink
Been on a plane?: yep
Came close to dying?: dunno
Been in a sauna?: yep
Been in a hot-tub?: yep
Swam in the ocean?: yep
Fallen asleep in school?: lol yep
Run away?: No
Fell off your chair?: yes
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call?: ish… fell asleep while doing so…
Saved MSN/AIM conversations?: Yes
Saved e-mails?: don't really erase them…

Like to eat?: meh
Like talking on the phone?: Not really
Care if different foods touch together on your plate?: eh
Get motion sick?: rarely
Eat healthy?: yeah
Have an addiction to anything?: no
Call people names often?: no
Dream in color?: Yes
Have a strange/bad habit?: dunno
Get turned on easily?:
Like your school/job?: meh
Like filling out stupidly-long surveys like this one?: when I'm bored… lol

Your good luck charm: my cross
Your theme song: none
The last thing you played with: my phone
The last thing you ate: food?
Items sitting next to you: my phone
The color of your underwear: green? Don't remember…
Your greatest fear(s): spiders, loud noises
A strange food you eat: dunno
A strange drink you like: dunno
The last thing to sleep in your bed: Me
Under your bed: a box
Your funniest memory: reading formspring questions and answers on a friend's formspring
Scariest memory: dunno
The time you usually go to bed: 12ish

Chicken pox: nope
Stitches: Nope
Surgery: nope
A broken bone: Nope
Love at first sight: nope

Scary or Funny Movies: funny
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Root Beer or Dr.Pepper: dr. pepper
Skiing or Snowboarding: meh
Summer or Winter: Winter

Dogs or Cats: dogs
Favorite Flower: tiger lily
Have you ever fired a gun?: yep
Do you prefer travel by plane or car?: both
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 1
Obsessive Compulsive?: for certain things
Diseases? no
Disorders?: ADD
Good Driver?: sure
Good Singer?: sure
Do you own a lava-lamp?: used to
Do you prefer your toilet paper over-and-out or back-and-under: dunno?
How many kids do you want?: 2
What will you name them? depends
Bothered that some questions have ":"s and others have "?"s?: not really
When was your last shower?: this morning
Ever been in a fight with your pet?: what pet?
What book are you reading now?: I'm currently not
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yep
Interesting turn-on or fetish: no comment
Foods that you LOVE: meh
That you HATE: bananas, spicy food
Three friends that you go to for advice: Shawn Pugh, Amy, Jonathan
  • Playing: Legend of the Dragoon
  • Drinking: water


United States
Current Residence: South County
Favourite genre of music: Celtic Music, Classical
Favourite style of art: Photography, Painting
MP3 player of choice: Zen
Personal Quote: Don't follow me, I walk into walks


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Hey Arin!
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that's some very good collection you have there !!! very beautiful shots ! oh and btw in case you have the time please drop by this gallery >> [link] it's a great gallery i found on my way while browsing and i think it's really great !!! :) keep up the good work ! :D
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thanks for the watch thar! =)
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Arin! -squeal-

I miss you too! When are you gonna visit?
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