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A Different Kind of Sunlight

Fhew! It took a while, but it's finished. Here you go Nimja, hope it meets the expectations! ^_^

And now for the people who don't know what's going on; a while back :iconnimja: asked me to make a drawing of his character Amy in exchange for a trip to the Elf Fantasy Fair. I didn't have a whole lot of time to 'meet the character' as it were, but one thing that stuck with me was her habit of reading in trees, and I decided to do something with that. Putting Amy in a sunlit tree was not done, what with her being a vampire and all, but since the light of the moon is really reflected light from the sun it's, well... a different kind of sunlight :)

The original drawing was done with pencil and paper, the main linework in Illustrator, and the whole thing was coloured and tidied up in Photoshop.

Amy belongs to :iconnimja: :3
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This is completely different than what I thought she looked like, but it is still amazingly awesome.
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Nice! Love the pose and the bodily proportions! ^^
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Very very well done my dear Isabel. I'm proud of the result. Having seen (and recieved) the sketches too, I cannnot do anything but applaud your brilliant efforts.

Amy and me are proud.

(it would be rare for people to know this character, but if you're curious, check
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*reads your description in awe*
I don't know this character but she's very beautiful :] you did a very lovely job.
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Well you can always go and read about her ;)