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Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a couple announcements, one regarding the badges and another regarding Halloween!

First announcement is the badges. About last month or so I decided to update the rings as an on the fly thing. Everyone knows the current ring design. So the picture I'll be posting has the old ring design on the top left, and the new ring design on the top right, and then the bottom is a new Deluxe Badge Ring that has wings. I'm not sure exactly on how I want to implement the deluxe ring, but I just wanted to notify people of the new badge designs.

Badge Testbase 2 by Isaacs-Collar

Now the next couple badges I upload will still have the old badge design for a while. That's because I like having a backlog of work to upload, and those were made before the updated badges got made. The new badge design will be implemented when I upload the next badge set. And just to make sure I cover all of my bases, Please do not take the ring base and use it without my permission.

The next announcement is that I plan to do something I did similar to the last time I did it. A special Halloween commission list! While I will be honest, I completely forgot about Halloween up until just an hour ago, and I don't really remember what I did beforehand, it might be something similar to the last time I did these! Definitely be sure to look out for something else to announce them!

TLDR: The ring base has been updated, along with a deluxe base that will be available in the near future! Also, Halloween specials! If you have an idea for either special kinds of badges or Halloween special ideas, feel free to comment on this post saying what you think would be a good idea. :D
JessicaPedley Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are so amazing :)
BlueRav3Pony Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
Looks interesting. Still deciding on getting one though.
Cestrum Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
Aaah, these are so cool. :3
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September 23, 2017


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