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This is exactly what it looks like!

I'm holding a Holiday Sale where the total of your commission price will be reduced by 20%.

This means, for example, if there was a commission order for $30 USD, I would reduce the total price by 20%, leaving the total as $24 USD.

Along with this sale, I'm also going to host another type of chibi commission for sale.

It is a flat rate of $15 USD. This means no matter how complicated your character is, the price for this commission will be $15.

Double Chibis will cost $22.

These chibis will come very similar to these!

Flashy Toon by Isaacs-Collar     Shiny Deer Is Shiny! by Isaacs-Collar Flashy Chibi by Isaacs-Collar

These commission prices will be held through the month of December, and depending on the demand, may hold out into January!

If you're interested in commissioning me, please note me and we can discuss prices!

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Submitted on
December 1, 2016


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